You can find the statistics in your control panel:

Why are the Uniques higher than page views?

There can be many reasons that you have more unique visitors than page views. This is due to the way uniques and page views are counted.

A unique is a user (IP) counted only one in a certain period of time which accesses a file on your account. This could be an image, html page or other files.

Page views are counted each time a HTML, SHTML, PHP, CGI & Perl page is accessed.

If your number of unique visitors is higher than your page views it strongly suggests that someone is deep linking to images or other files on your pages. This means that your images are loaded from a page outside your account, therefore your page views number does not increase but your unique views do.

What is the definition of hits?

Each time a Web server sends a file to a browser, it is recorded in the server log file as a "hit". Hits are generated for every element of a requested page (including graphics, text and interactive terms). If a page containing two graphics is viewed by a user, three hits will be recorded - one for the page itself and one for each graphic. Only one page view will be recorded.

What is the definition of pageviews?

A pageview is counted every time one of your sites is entered by a visitor.

Pages are all files which either have a text file suffix (.html, .text) or which are directory index files.

What means uniques in the statistics?

We only count a unique visitor once. The statistic can see/remember if the visitor has been on your site earlier today and will then not be counted again. You can consider this as a counter for how many different persons or computers have visited your web site.