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April  2016

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Published on April 12th, 2016

From (Mrs.) PD @ US

On April 9th's Did you know that....? post you stated "That we know of, only in the liturgy of the Catholic Faith (Roman and Orthodox) the transubstantiation of bread and wine takes place."
I noticed you did not state that it required an ordained priest officiating the liturgy of the catholic faith for the Transubstantiation to take place. Does that mean that any man believing in transubstantiation can offer Mass using the liturgy of the catholic faith?


A. Of course it requires a properly ordained priest for God to work the act of Transubstantiation. We did not think it necessary to explain that.

We regret any confusion that it may have caused in some of our readers.

From miguel de Portugal

As a backdrop of what we share with the members of this list - a very exclusive audience -  we wish to express it in numbers which are easily understood by all.

The number of individuals in the very exclusive list only represent 0.029 % of our readers on a worldwide scale.

To this particular group we wish to remind what Jesus said:

But he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. [Luke 12:48]

...and what is expected of you is to: (a) Utilize the Light that we bring to you in His Name to the best of your abilities; and (b) Share it with those God will bring to your virtual doorstep.

Having clarified this matter, if anyone does no want such responsibility and wishes to be removed from this List, please do let us know and we will immediately honor your request.

With that said, let us proceed....

Yesterday's Mass.... contained prayers and readings which, shall we say, ignited our desire to bring a few matters to light. Most of it will be "Religiously incorrect" because, like with politics, public "correctness" is riddle with lies and deceit.

 The Opening Prayer reads:

"God, our Father, Your Light of Truth guides us to the way of Christ. May all who follow Him reject what is contrary to the Gospel."

A truly illuminated prayer - something rare in the Daily Roman Missal.

Now, the question is: How many within the Administration and the self-proclaimed Christians "...reject was is contrary to the Gospel"? Precious few!

Had that been the case, the world would have never reached the state it is in now. That is why God "will demand the more" of every Christian who is at this side of the veil.

The Psalm Response was: "Happy are those of blameless life."

Before we comment on this we must modify that Psalm, in His Name, as follows: "Happy are those who strive to live a blameless life" because "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone ....." [John 8:7] .....but we can all certainly strive to live a blameless life.

Look around. How many happy people do you see around you striving to live a blameless life? Even when the church is packed there are precious few.

Now, let us review the Prayer over the Gifts of the same Mass: "Lord, accept our prayers and offerings. Make us worthy of your Sacraments of love by granting us Your forgiveness."

Before He grants us His forgiveness, some very serious conditions do apply. Become familiar with these conditions so that you may bring that light to those who are in full darkness while thinking they are in the Light.

The Gospel in the same Mass [John 6:22-29] provides the clear reason why we are bringing up what you read in the above lines.

Amen, amen I say to you, you seek me, not because you have seen miracles, but because you did eat of the loaves, and were filled. Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that which endureth unto life everlasting, which the Son of man will give you. For him hath God, the Father, sealed. They said therefore unto him: What shall we do, that we may work the works of God? Jesus answered, and said to them: This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he hath sent.

If those who seek Him to secure material benefits - a group which is composed of most of the self-proclaimed Christians - believed "in Him whom He hath sent" they would "strive to live a blameless life" and the world would have been dramatically changed.

All we can do now is to soften the blows that will be received by The Elect at the Grand Finale of These Times - and that we must through prayer and fasting!

We will address the First Reading of this same Mass for a future post.


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