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May 20th, 2020

Eve of the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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From miguel de Portugal

  The following was brought to our attention last May 15th:

Pope Innocent IV papal bull ad exstirpanda

Ad extirpanda (named for its Latin incipit) was a papal bull promulgated on Wednesday, May 15, 1252 (*) by Pope Innocent IV which authorized in limited and defined circumstances the use of torture by the Inquisition a as a tool for interrogation.


The bull argued that as heretics are "murderers of souls as well as robbers of God’s sacraments and of the Christian faith ...", they are "to be coerced—as are thieves and bandits—into confessing their errors and accusing others, although one must stop short of danger to life or limb."  The following parameters were placed on the use of torture:

+  that it did not cause loss of life or limb
+  that it was used only once
+  that the Inquisitor deemed the evidence against the accused to be virtually certain.

The bull conceded to the State a portion of the property to be confiscated from convicted heretics. The State in return assumed the burden of carrying out the penalty. The relevant portion of the bull read: "When those adjudged guilty of heresy have been given up to the civil power by the bishop or his representative, or the Inquisition, the podestà or chief magistrate of the city shall take them at once, and shall, within five days at the most, execute the laws made against them." (1)
(*) Almost 200 years after the separation of the churches of the East (Orthodox) and West (Rome)

The above is a faith building reminder that the Evangelization failed because of man and not because of the teachings of Christianity.

Behavior such as that of Innocent (???) IV - which is a very small sample (3) of what has been done in the Holy Name of God - is the cornerstone of the failure.

How do you think Jesus and Mary feel about such institutional blasphemies?

Christianity cannot fail as its first 300+ years of expansion and John Bosco confirmed for 40 years. What failed was adulterated Christianity, just like adulterated Judaism failed.

Unfortunately, the Second Vatican Council is blamed for everything. It has become the scapegoat for 1600 years of institutional abuses.

Thanks be to God that, through a few selected souls, the pristine Catholic Faith reached us now - at the most critical time of human history. May God Be Praised!
(1) Source
(2) Full Text
(3) Many Others


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