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Divine Encouragement (1)

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I came that you might have Life and that you might have it more abundantly
. [John 10:10]

Our Lord Jesus Christ is reassuring us thus....

Yes, I, your Master, am a generous Giver

Abundant Life, in overflowing measure, I give to you.

For that I came.

Life for souls. 

The Life, Eternal Life, that pulses through your whole being, that animates your mind and body too.

A generous Giver.  A Kingly Giver.  For this I came that man might live in Me. 

It was that Life of which I spoke when I said "I am the Vine and ye are the branches."

The life flow of the Vine is in the branches.

Our lives are one - yours and Mine

All that is in My Nature must therefore pass into yours, where the contact is so close a one.

I am Love and Joy and Peace and Strength and Power and Healing and Humility and Patience, and all else you see in Me, your Lord. 

Then these, too, you must have as My Life flows through you.  So courage.

You do not make yourself loving and strong and patient and humble.

You live with Me,
and then My Life accomplishes the miracle-change.

miguel de Portugal comments:
You have just heard the sum total of the Good News which have been withheld from humanity; truly Good News for which God sent His Son to explain to an unbelieving lot.

I wish I could somehow covey to you that what you read above is absolutely true; something that, through His Grace I no longer believe as an act of Faith but know.



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(a)  miguel de Portugal, although not the original transmission instrument for the above, assures the faithful,  from firts hand personal knowledge, that is read above is true and from Jesus. The Holy Spirit of God will confirm it to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see
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