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Published on August 31st, 2013

From miguel de Portugal

In the recent document "A Sexually Abused Victim Speaks Out" (1), Mrs. IW wrote: I have yet to completely forgive my grandfather for what he did, even after all these years. But forgive him I must. Jesus and His Mother are helping me with this as well. On my own, I can't do it. Period.

Our response/comment to her regarding her statements follows:

Regarding the forgiving of your grandfather - consider the following.

Using the "Filter concept" illustrated in our document The Spiritual World and How It Influences Our Behavior, visualize that one of your grandfather's Filters was occupied by - literally - a demonic entity; a demonic entity which was projected/released when he drank. Only God knows what kind of wound his own soul suffered to host that kind of spiritual monster.

Therefore, that monster was not your grandfather. The soul of your grandfather was overpowered by that demonic entity to harm whatever soul it could. Obviously you are a very special soul to God, otherwise satan would no have wasted time in harming you as much as he could, since he cannot change the final destination of your soul - Heaven.

In spite of all, you clung to Jesus and Mary, not rejecting them as those who say "Where was God when....?" In reality - your life experience has been a Job-like experience and now you must focus on, and draw hope and consolation from, how well all worked out for Job at the end.

Believe it or not - your true (the core individual) grandfather - was a greater victim, were that possible, because his soul still is responsible before God for the harm committed through that body-soul system.

Not to make light of a horrific situation, but to illustrate the point clearly: Flip Wilson's Geraldine's excuse of "The devil made me do it!" never ever works before the Throne of Justice. We are always accountable for what our body-soul system does. So if a grievously offensive soul is destined to heaven, we must make every effort to shorten the lengthy Purgatorial sentence due to him/her.

Just think if the soul of your grandfather is indeed in Purgatory - serving a very lengthy sentence - with the punishment (purification process) being witnessing the horrific harm his body-soul system caused to his loved ones. Only hell would be a more painful suffering.

May God grant to you a well deserved peace now, and during rest of your life on earth and beyond!

(1) A victim speaks out - Loud and Clear

Religious Days of Note for September

2nd      Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted (Sunday after August 28th - Feast of St. Augustine)

3rd      [Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd]

5th     Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year 5774) at sundown

6th      First Friday of the Month

7th       First Saturday of the Month

8th      The Birthday of Our Lady

11th    Our Lady of Coromoto (patroness of Venezuela)

12th    [The Holy Name of Mary]

14th    The Triumph of the Cross (A date of great eschatological importance.) and Yom Kippur - Jewish Day of Atonement (Starts at Sundown of the 13th)

15th   Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

19th   Feast of the Tabernacles or Sukkot

21st    St. Matthew - Evangelist

23rd   Conception of John the Baptist (Celebrated by the Orthodox Church)

24th   Our Lady of Ransom

25th   End of Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot  and The beginning of Eighth Day of Solemn Assembly at sundown

27th   [Mary, Protector of Orphans] and Simhat Torah - Jewish Rejoicing of the Law (begins on the 26th at sundown)

29th   Archangels Michael, Gabriel & Raphael

Published on August 29th, 2013 [Memorial of the Martyrdom of John the Baptist]

From (Mr.) SJ @ US

Thank you for your document (1) that begs the question of whether you are being too pessimistic, or just lovingly realistic.

As per usual it is spot on (of course it is) and puts together in one document, what is true, and as the saying goes:  "The Truth hurts" but so be it, if that is required, and it most certainly is. 

The examples are everywhere we look and all around us, and yet we are told that all is good, and that Pope Francis is bringing multitudes back to the church in droves... I might add, for all of the wrong reasons. It conjures for me the image of the Pied Piper. 

And now this charade requiring the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, to come to him, rather than he to her, for this "consecration of the world".
I wonder what do you think about the prospects for world peace where peace between Islam and Christianity is not possible, despite efforts to invent "Chrislam"... ugh.
Have you read the New Fatima Priest article that outlines the efforts to prevent the third secret of Fatima from being given to the world by the puppet masters in Rome, Sodano and Bertone?
Again, thank you for this document. 

God Bless You,

. Thank you for your kind words of support and the opportunity to address a few items regarding Fatima.

Your statement: "
...we are told that all is good, and that Pope Francis is bringing multitudes back to the church in droves... I might add, for all of the wrong reasons. It conjures for me the image of the Pied Piper. " could not be more accurate since it reflects "the plan".

Regarding the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary - Francis' current plans - and the reference you make about the New Fatima Priest: We can combine both into one set of comments.

First of all, the "Fatima Priest" is very well known to us - is  a Canadian priest  by the name of Nicholas Gruner. Not only well known to us but we dealt with him in the early nineties. That is why some of our documents have a note at the top stating: The M+G+R Foundation is in no way connected to the ministries associated with Rev. Nicholas Gruner, the Canadian priest, founder of The International Fatima Rosary Crusade, publishers of The Fatima Crusader.

Gruner was well intentioned but misread the revealed messages of Fatima and built his entire cash producing  ministry on the fact that, if Russia were to be Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a nuclear holocaust would be averted. We pointed out to him his error knowing that he would not "change his tune", there was too much money and a major ego at stake.

Quoting from our Fatima Summary document: (2)

       The enemies of Fátima also include right wing, “traditionalist” groups that promote their own version of the Fátima message, for monetary gain or to obtain political power.

....the ministries associated with the Rev. Nicholas Gruner, the Canadian priest who founded The International Fátima Rosary Crusade, publishers of The Fatima Crusader.
Gruner's self-appointed mission has been to hound the Vatican to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as requested through the Fátima events. According to Gruner, this action would prevent the nuclear holocaust that will otherwise take place.  However, the time frame for such consecration lapsed many decades ago. (3) Gruner's efforts have been and remain futile;....

Regarding Francis' intentions to Consecrate the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary - It is no more than another photo-op. John Paul II made that Consecration in 1984. A Consecration which Fatima's Lucia claimed that was accepted by Heaven - something that we do not doubt - although, in regards to what was requested in the 1917 - 1929 era, it made no difference, and neither will be Francis' photo-op consecration exercise.

Regarding "...what do you think about the prospects for world peace where peace between Islam and Christianity is not possible, despite efforts to invent 'Chrislam'"...

Peace, as God has clearly showed to miguel de Portugal, is the result of Justice. Man has proven to God that he is totally incapable of attaining such system, even with His manifestation in the Person of Jesus spelling out what would take to establish a reign of Justice.

Therefore, as we have stated before, the only option humanity has left for God to establish such Reign of Justice is through a complete "Reset of Creation"; a Reset which will be ushered by the climax of the Chastisement. (4)

Whether there is a nuclear exchange or a mile wide meteorite hitting the Earth or not - it no longer matters. Humanity, at large, has waived the opportunity those events would provide to reduce its suffering as we sail into the final events of the Ends of These Times. All we now have available to us is, on an individual basis, the reduction of our suffering almost on a case by case basis.

With reference to the claims of Gruner and the silencing of the third part of the Secret of  Fatima. That has been going on for decades. We have amply covered the issues associated with the third part of the Secret of Fatima in the following documents:

*** Fatima Secret Modified

New editions of Sr. Lucia's memoirs show alterations in photocopied handwritten text.

*** Fatima Secret Modified - Part II - Heaven's Damage Control

A response to the latest Fatima distortions comes from an early publication describing the Fatima events.

*** Ratzinger on The Fatima Message

In the year 1996, Cardinal Ratzinger made a public statement about the Messages of Fátima. What he said was, at best, quite disturbing – because of the negative effect such statements would have on the Faithful.

***  Third Part of the Secret of Fátima - Some Facts About It

A discussion of the third part of the Secret of Fátima, contrasting what is officially known with what The Vatican claims to be the true text of the third part of the Secret.

***  Third Part of the Secret of Fátima - Disinformation Campaign

A discussion of the plans to discredit the Fátima apparitions and the reasons why.

***  Third Part of the Secret of Fátima - Its Confirmation by His Holiness John Paul II

A discussion of Pope John Paul II's homily in Fátima on May 13, 2000 and a discussion on how it confirms what the remaining part of the secret really was.

***  Third Part of the Secret of Fátima - It Is Revealed by His Holiness John Paul II in His Homily at Fátima

A translation of the text of Pope John Paul II's homily in Fátima on May 13, 2000 with comments by The M+G+R Foundation concerning the third part of the secret of Fátima

***  Third Part of the Secret of Fátima - In Conclusion

A discussion concerning the problems and inconsistencies of the Vatican's document concerning the third part of the Secret of Fátima.

***  Third Part of the Secret of Fátima - In Conclusion - Part II

An extensive and fully referenced discussion of the lies regarding the third part of the Secret of Fátima which the powers in control of The Vatican are trying to pass as truths.

We trust that we have covered in full the issues that you raised, for which we thank you.

(1) Is miguel de Portugal being too negative?
(2) Fatima Summary
(3) A Closer Look at Fatima
(4) Resetting of Creation

Published on August 27th, 2013

One must wonder why....

The "People's Pope", the "Pope of the Poor", also known as Jorge Bergoglio, ignored, even in his days as Argentina's Primate, a major center of Marian Apparitions and Messages, which also included numerous statements by Jesus Himself, in his own native land at San Nicolás, Argentina.

What makes this situation more striking is that is one of the few Marian Apparitions which has gained such fast approvals, and action, from local Bishops - something that was only seen with the Fatima, Kibeho and Akita events.

A few key points in the chronology (1) of the Apparitions of San Nicolás.


September 25 - First Apparition/Manifestation

October 2 - Visionary (Gladys) shares the experience with her confessor.

Sometime in October - First audience with the then Diocesan Bishop, Mons. Antonio Rossi

November 24 - Mary indicates with a beam of light where the Temple that She requested should be built.


Sometime in November - Visionary meets with the new Bishop of San Nicolás - Mons. Domingo Salvador Castagna

Sometime in November - Mons. Domingo Salvador Castagna has an audience with John Paul II


April - The Commission to study the events is established

October 25 - Approval by the Commission of Study.


February 25 - First Mass and Procession led by the Vicar General Msg. Roberto Mancuso.

August 25 -  Mons. Castagna announces that the Corner Stone for the Temple will be laid soon

September 25 - Corner Stone for the Temple laid by Msg. Castagna

November 25 - The Archbishop of Rosario (of which San Nicolás is part of) Jorge M. Lopez  went to venerate the Blessed Virgin at San Nicolás


April 11 - Audience of Bishop Castagna with John Paul II while the latter was visiting Argentina.

October 8 - Contract is signed with the construction company to build the Temple.

October 13 - World on the Temple commences.

October 25 - Approval by the Commission of Study.

October 26 - First Mass and Procession led by the Vicar General Msg. Roberto Mancuso.


November - Msgr. Castagna has another audience with John Paul II to inform him about the progress of the San Nicolás Sanctuary


August 25 - Msgr. Castagna Consecrates the Sanctuary

October - Msgr. Castagna is elected by the Argentine Episcopal Conference to represent the Argentine Catholic Church in the Synod of Bishops to be held in Rome.

miguel de Portugal comments

Strange does not qualify enough the fact that the alleged "People's Pope", the "Pope of the Poor", and former Primate of the Argentine Catholic Church, has remained at the margin of such events. As a matter of fact, in the official Sanctuary page his name is not mentioned neither as Cardinal nor as Pope and is not listed with the names of the Hierarchy who has visited the sanctuary. (2)

I have read a book authored by Fr. René Laurentin - published in 1990 - and placed in my hands in a Houston bookstore in 1991 and we have no doubt that the messages of Mary and of Jesus are legitimate because they are right on target, and it is perhaps because of that that Bergoglio has ignored them in the hopes that "it will go away".

Now it becomes quite clear why God had that bookstore attendant place that book in my hands 22 years ago while telling me something like: "Here, you need to read this or you may be interested in this." As we recently said - that has happened only twice throughout our journey. The second time that happened was about "Heaven Is For Real". (3)

(1) Source
(2) List of Visits by Hierachs of the Roman Catholic Church
(3) Heaven Is For Real - Mailing of August 6, 2013

Is miguel de Portugal....

....being too pessimistic or is he being quite realistic?  With the facts in your hands, you decide!

But we warn you.... it is very hard to argue with many, many blood stained facts.

Published on August 24th, 2013 [Bartholomew - Apostle and Mary, Health of the Sick]

From (Mrs.) LM @ US

The recently posted document - God Does Not Punish - is very insightful.

I have NEVER heard a Catholic pastor, priest, deacon, teach or explain Divine Law.

I "kinda knew" what is was from my Protestant friends. I have read some of the Books of the Old Testament, but what was happening was never called Divine Law.
It would be nice if our priests could actually teach scripture so that we could understand it as easily as I do when you explain it.
I REALLY appreciate all your hard work.


Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and are glad to see that at least some of our readers are profiting from the Gifts God has given miguel and which are being passed on, through our pages, to those who are thirsting for the Divine Word.

You have never heard "a Catholic pastor, priest, deacon, teach or explain Divine Law" because to teach and/or explain something one must have a working understanding of it and not a parrot like understanding of it.

You state:  "I have read some of the Books of the Old Testament, but what was happening was never called Divine Law."

Isn't it interesting that Jesus was very explicit about why He was walking amongst men almost 2000 years ago?  He clearly stated:

Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled. [Matthew 5:17-18]

But what can we expect from those parrot-like "shepherds", who are no better than the Temple Masters of the time Jesus walked among men, when they can stand at the pulpit and read the Gospel, which would had corresponded to today's Mass had it not been the Feast of St. Bartholomew, with a straight face? We quote:

[1] Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to his disciples, [2] Saying: The scribes and the Pharisees have sitten on the chair of Moses. [3] All things therefore whatsoever they shall say to you, observe and do: but according to their works do ye not; for they say, and do not. [4] For they bind heavy and insupportable burdens, and lay them on men' s shoulders; but with a finger of their own they will not move them. [5] And all their works they do for to be seen of men. For they make their phylacteries broad, and enlarge their fringes.

[6] And they love the first places at feasts, and the first chairs in the synagogues, [7] And salutations in the market place, and to be called by men, Rabbi. [8] But be not you called Rabbi. For one is your master; and all you are brethren. [9] And call none your father upon earth; for one is your father, who is in heaven. [10] Neither be ye called masters; for one is your master, Christ.

[11] He that is the greatest among you shall be your servant. [12] And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be humbled: and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. [13] But woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men, for you yourselves do not enter in; and those that are going in, you suffer not to enter.  [Matthew 23]

In His Name we have repeated the same while calling said parrot-like "shepherds"  (with the appropriate exceptional cases) every name that Jesus calls them for He speaks plainly to and about them. They are not worthy of anything else, other than our sincere prayers which are assiduously offered daily for their conversion.

As a matter of fact, were it in miguel's power, he would make the Purgatorial sentence of each of those parrot-like "shepherds" equal to the summation of the purgatorial sentences of all the poor faithful who, without adequate shepherds, have accumulated for themselves out of their ignorance, minus the purgatorial sentence they may have saved to the faithful they managed to help.

As a matter of fact - I invoke Jesus' own Words - to justify the above proposal to Heaven:

But he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. [Luke 12:48]


Now perhaps you may understand better why miguel says that his greatest suffering is being a witness to the immense suffering in the world - suffering that is mostly unnecessary if those who have handsomely profited from the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary had done precisely what Jesus instructed them to do, and that Mary has been reminding them about for the last 200 years - Preach the Gospel by Word AND Deed!

As miguel has also said before: There is no single group for which he feel greater disdain (with the appropriate exceptions noted) than he has for the members of the clergy and administrations of all Christian institutions who have shamelessly betrayed Christ while exploiting His Holy Name and Message of Salvation.

From (Mrs.) KP @ US

With reference to the variations of the Hail Mary to remain focused on the prayer...

I like to pray: Holy Mary, Mother of God and my Mother, pray for us... 

Just seems to make me warmly remember I am part of The Royal Family, from the the Royal Household, in the Holy Royal Kingdom, clothed in the Holy Family's name... etc etc.

Also, sometimes I make the following change:  "...pray for us sinners and pray for me, a sinner, now and at.. "

Nice reading what others do.


A. And Thank you! for sharing your variations. They are certainly worthy of note and sharing.

Published on August 22nd,
2013 [
The Queenship of Mary]

From miguel de Portugal

We have just learned that a very close collaborator and friend from the U.S., Chris,  passed away on July 8th.

The last communication that we had from Chris was on May 30th. After several attempts to reach him by mail and phone we contacted the police department in his city of residence. They informed us of his passing on due to natural causes.

His user name in the Discussion Board was "senorgato" and any post authored by him, which was not marked as from (Mr.) IW, was shown as being from (Mr.) WO.

Our sadness is great because he had no friends around him during his last days on this side of the veil. However, our consolation is also great  because Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Mother, together with his guardian angel, were with him.

Chris, we will greatly miss you, but you will live on in our hearts and our pages!

May his soul Rest in Peace!

From WH @ US


Thank you for your "yes" to God. May God be praised forever.

With reference to your suggestion (on this page of August 17th) about remaining focused while praying the Rosary...

Just wanted to share my own method to stay focused during the Rosary. I simply modify the second part of the prayer to include the name of those the Lord puts on my heart to pray for. For example:

"Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for my son Aaron, now and at the hour of his death. Amen."

Blessings and peace to you!


Thank your kind words, prayers and for an excellent suggestion!

We would like to make a recommendation so that you may reach far beyond the individual (in this case your son Aaron). For example:

"Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for my son Aaron and all sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

With this small modification you are not only focusing on one particular individual, but your prayer is reaching all of those who have no one praying for them - which, tragically, are many. This is so important to God that He has moved me to include that group - those who have no one praying for them - as a standing intention in every Mass offered.

From TJ @ US

With reference to your suggestion (on this page of August 17th) about remaining focused while praying the Rosary...

I "test-prayed" it tonight, and it was excellent.  Later on, not remembering your exact suggestions, I quickly settled on a pattern, and working to remember the pattern worked wonders in keeping me thinking.
What I did was, with each decade, I prayed the ten Hail Marys thus:

   1. Holy Mary, Mother of God
   2. Holy Mary, Immaculate Daughter of the Father
   3. Holy Mary, Mother of God
   4. Holy Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit
   5. Holy Mary, Mother of God
   6. Holy Mary, Mother of the Christ
   7. Holy Mary, Mother of God
   8. Holy Mary, Mother of Mercy
   9. Holy Mary, Mother of God
  10. Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven

 I still invoke her as Mother of God five times, but intersperse her role in Salvation history through the decade.
Blessings and thanks for the message.


It is a great suggestion but that format leaves out four times Her greatest Title-Honor: Mother of God, which could be expressed in different forms as we suggested, such as Mother of "our Saviour" , "the Son of the Father" , "the Messiah" together with Her other Titles that you have listed.

A suggestion to have it both ways is:

  1. Holy Mary, Mother of God
  2. Holy Mary, Mother of God and Immaculate Daughter of the Father

Thank you for sharing with all of us your suggestion.

Published on August 20th, 2013

From miguel de Portugal

There are some very important questions that a Faithful may ask, yet remain unanswered since the answer is not readily available. God has indicated to me that we should make that information available immediately on this forum. Thus this post.

The two questions are: (a) How much should I pray; and (b) How do prayers work.

Obviously a book, or several, could be written just on those two questions if I were one of those "learned and prudent" wise men but, being just God's gofer we will take care of it in a few lines and using plain language and imagery.

(a) How much should a particular individual pray?

This depends on the magnitude of the original sin that particular individual was born with - the built in cross (1) - and all the other crosses that said individual picked up, or were imposed upon by third parties, in his/her life.

Picked up crosses result in wounds to the soul and, as we explained in our document about the "filters" (2) , those wounds can become "filter holders" for spiritual entities to settle in and make the individual's life miserable.

The more we pray - formally and informally - keeping God in the forefront of our mind, the more those uninvited spiritual guests occupying said "filters" will be neutralized and eventually expelled.

Even if the sins that we may have committed, sins which wounded our soul and resulted in some of those "filter", have been forgiven, the spiritual scar remains. Although not as susceptible to spiritual "infection" as those not healed yet, those "scars" turned into "filters" can still be occupied by uninvited spiritual guests.

In conclusion: The more wounds/scars our soul has, the greater the need for prayer.

(b) How do prayers work?

We will use a graphic method to explain, in human terms, how prayers work in our souls. Notice, we said: "prayers work in our souls". That means that while you may be praying for the proverbial aunt Thecla and securing benefits for her, that prayer is also working in your soul for your own benefit.

Imagine that you are submerged in a vat of black ink. That blackness is in contact with your skin and it serves as an insulator allowing very little Divine influence to reach your soul.

Now imagine that, as you pray formally and informally, a white liquid starts oozing out of your pores and the dark liquid in contact with your skin starts to lighten up, until you could be completely enveloped by that white liquid which will not allow the darkness that surrounds you touch your skin.

The lighter that liquid in contact with your skin becomes the better your contact with God and vice versa. This improved communication, in turn, starts neutralizing those uninvited spiritual guests occupying the "filters" described in part (a) above, thus your personal benefit for praying on behalf of the proverbial aunt Thecla is great.

In conclusion... the more wounds and/or scars our soul has the more time we should spend in formal and informal prayer. There really are no shortcut methods for this that I am aware of.

We have just prepared a brief document - God Does Not Punish : We Freely Choose That Disgraces Fall Upon Us - which, together with two referred to documents, (1) (2) will give a very profound understanding of this area of human-spiritual interaction.

(1) The crosses we bear
The effect of spiritual wounds

From (Mr.) IW @ US

My situation in a broader sense is very interesting right now.

My wife has had an offer to relocate us to the West Coast, where there are 300+ companies in our area of expertise, so I could probably find work again.

Does God want us to do this?  I don't honestly know, so everything we've done, has been done to make sure the decision is His, and not ours.

The first thing we decided was to only move if we sell our house, a very uncertain thing in the very limted real estate market in our current area.

That gives Him a "lever to pull", so to speak, without any bias from us.

To further this, I fixed it up to near mint condition, then priced it as neutrally as I could (too low makes a sale very likely, taking the decision out of His hand, too high and it won't sell, same thing).

I pray that Our Lady takes charge of the situation, and gives us the outcome most compatible with His will. 


The above letter was more of a personal note than a letter to publish. However, knowing Mr. IW well we know that he will not mind that we publish it since it could have been written by any male that resides in the US, who is married and is currently unemployed - probably over 100 million individuals would fit said description.

Why publish the letter then? We publish it because it is a text book example about how to let God lead the way,  while, at the same time, the individuals in question fully doing that part that is their responsibility.... down to the balanced sale price so as to not interfere with Divine action in the least.

Someone may say: Well, demanding that the house be sold as a sign from God is already interfering with Divine action.

To which we respond: No; it is not a temporal job transfer. It is a permanent one. Logically, a family home will be needed in the West Coast. The prudent and wise thing to do in this scenario is to first sell the house and then move on to the West Coast. Remember, the wife was "offered to relocate" and not "ordered to relocate (or lose her job)". If she had been ordered to relocate, the scenario would be totally different and so would be the manner in which to seek confirmation from God.

Someone else may say: What if the evil one arranges for the house to be sold and deceive them to think that it was the Will of God?

To which we respond: When we place our trust in God and completely defer to Him in what we do, that renders the evil one completely powerless. Remember, God IS totally Supreme, above all and everything is subject to Him - with no exceptions. Even satan and his minions are subject to God, Who Is truly Almighty.

Thank you, IW, for the great teaching instrument that your letter provided us with.

Published on August 17th, 2013

From miguel de Portugal

Perhaps the greatest human "enemy" prayer has is our tendency to go "on automatic" as we pray. Most specially in the prayers which are composed of sets of smaller prayers which are repeated over and over again - such as the Holy Rosary. Unless one is praying the Biblical Rosary, (1) which places a Biblical reading between each Hail Mary, it is very easy to fall into mindless monotonous repetition of the words with very little spiritual value.

While in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament on August 15th, an inspiration - obviously an Illumination - gave me another option, besides the Biblical Rosary, to remain very alert throughout a Rosary. It is amazingly simple.... as everything is after it has been given to one from Above.

As all our readers well know, the Hail Mary is prayed as follows:

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee,
Blessed are Thou among women,
Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of our death.

The variation which we have already adopted is as follows:

The phrase "Mother of God" may be alternated with any of the following phrases, without taking an iota of Glory away from Mary. They actually enrich the expression of Mary's role in Salvation.

Mother of the Messiah
Mother of Our Saviour
Mother of the Son of God
Mother of Our Redeemer

As our attentive readers must know, we are not trying to do away with the original phrase and concept "
Mother of God", considering that we showed how that title is theologically justified (2) and defensible before other Christians who try to reduce Mary's importance. (3)

How do I personally do it? It varies. I may use one specific phrase in an entire decade and change it for the next or I may randomly use all of them within the same decade.

Rest assured, there is no way to "slip into automatic mode" using this technique. It logically follows that, every Hail Mary, consciously being prayed, gains in spiritual power.

(1) Biblical Rosary
(2) Why calling Mary "Mother of God" is theologically sound.
(3) The Importance of Mary

Published on August 15th, 2013 [Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary]

From miguel de Portugal

On the August 3rd issue of this Mailed Private Edition we published a letter from (Mr.) IW which started as follows:"Yesterday I was discussing False Messianism with a close friend of mine who is Jewish. "

In our response we concluded: "God willing, we will be expanding on the above in the near future."

It was the Will of God that we expand our initial answer and the resulting document may be accessed Here.

Published on August 13th, 2013

From miguel de Portugal

I write these lines with mixed emotions - and it is not a pleasant task... but write them I must.

As you have heard us say many times: No one is forced to read what we publish in the Name of God and certainly not everyone is expected to believe and act upon all that we publish. What everyone is expected to believe - because there is absolutely no way around it - are the following crystal clear Words from Jesus:

But he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. [Luke 12:48]

A few days ago we received the following dream report from a close cooperator who has been reading our pages for many, many years.
[our highlighting]

I had a dream last night.
The time was the present, or the near future. I was walking out of my residence, going ... toward the town square, following a friend who had visited me

As I walked along, I was going slowly due to fatigue. I called out to my friend to slow down, since I could not keep up with him. But my friend rushed on. Very few people were on the street, and traffic was light. ....
I looked up and saw that the sky was strange....., the sky was not blue .... it was a bluish/steel gray color. I thought it was strange, and wondered if the Three Days Darkness were at hand.
Then, I heard a "snap" sound, and all light vanished. It was pitch black. All I could do was to get ready to turn back and go home in the dark.

Our response was quick. The message was crystal clear.

The dream has nothing to do with the Three Days of Darkness. It had to do with you and your relationship with God (the friend who had visited you but who now was walking away from you so fast that He was leaving you behind) and the real dangers associated with that separation (as the result of changes you must have made in your life and not heeding the need of much prayer).

Obviously this individual was spiritually slipping badly and, if he/she did not take heed, her/his spiritual future was going to be very dark - "pitch black" to be precise.

However, every indication this individual has gaven us over the years was that he/she was acting upon what we published regarding his/her spiritual life and progress. Although we knew that the level of prayer she/he required was not being met and his/her lifestyle was not pleasing to God.

Obviously the indications given by him/her to us, did not necessarily reflect reality.

Our point....

We continue to note that our readers - primarily the Private FYI&R readers - seldom follow key links to documents that may appear in the mailed up date. We also note that if we highlight on the Board of Updates a document that was published years ago, hardly anyone bothers to re read it.... a document which I read and reformatted before highlighting it again on The Board. A document which I found quite interesting, enlightening,  informative and worth reviewing again. If that was my reaction to said document, those who are truly in sync with what we publish should too. No; that is not lack of humility. That is calling it like it is.

If to that obvious lack of interest we add the fact that less than ten individuals (of the thousands upon thousands who visit our pages) give us periodic assistance and support - financial plus doing some Biblical searches, document translations and proofreading, and the like - maybe it is really time to devote more effort to the other areas/functions that God has assigned me.

After all, it really is not my responsibility the effect our publication has on the audience as long as I have made an effort to be as clear as we are able to.

May those who have ears, Hear, and those who have eyes, See before they experience "....a 'snap' sound, and all light vanished. It was pitch black"

Meanwhile, on the other side of the same coin we see...

From (Mrs.) PD @ US

This morning I have had tears of Joy.

I would like to go on record to say what a wonderful life I have been granted. To have been given the Grace to have ears to hear and eyes to see.
I have held on to the Lord always knowing He was by my side and at times hearing Him.

I was granted the Grace to know one of His witnesses.
September may bring us a new Heaven and new Earth but, if not, the Lord will always be at my side. I thank and Praise the Lord for all that He as done for me and my family.
I find it so hard to believe so many don't want to know. I pray they wake up in time.

It will not change what I know and believe.

When it comes down on them, they will not be able to say God did not tell them. I have passed on everything .
Praise God for ever and ever.

Blessings and Graces!


First of all - Thank you! for sharing with us your joy.

For our other readers....

Peggy, back around the turn of the century, was the first to discern what position m de P had been assigned by God to occupy for the End of These Times. She and her late husband, may his soul rest in peace, were the first ones who started helping us financially in a manner that no one had done up to that time. Actually, the first "real" computer that The M+G+R Foundation had came from them.

miguel has known them well and were practically their next-door neighbors for a while in Spain for a short while, although we have not crossed paths again for over ten years.

We testify that Peggy: (a) Has had a very difficult life, health wise; (b) Has acted upon what she has "seen" and "heard" in a exemplary manner, but not like a robot. She has reacted to what she has seen and heard in accordance to her relationship with God - as it should be; (c) Has witnessed to anyone who would listen to her - without being overbearing - and done all within her power to reach as many as she could, without fanaticism; and last, but not least (d) Is a woman of her word.

For our dear Peggy....

May God continue to reward you with those tears of joy; tears that only those who have experienced them can truly understand and relate to.

Published on August 10th, 2013

From miguel de Portugal

It is interesting and rewarding to see/discover hidden meanings in the Holy Scriptures. The following verses of the Gospel, read in a recent Mass, are usually misunderstood regarding as to whom was Jesus referring to when He said: "O unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you?"

It is generally understood as if He were addressing "the multitude" ,the masses, but.... was He really?

Let us take a look.

[14] And when he was come to the multitude, there came to him a man falling down on his knees before him, saying: Lord, have pity on my son, for he is a lunatic, and suffereth much: for he falleth often into the fire, and often into the water. [15] And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him.

[16] Then Jesus answered and said: O unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me. [17] And Jesus rebuked him, and the devil went out of him, and the child was cured from that hour. [18] Then came the disciples to Jesus secretly, and said: Why could not we cast him out? [19] Jesus said to them: Because of your unbelief. For, amen I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Remove from hence hither, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you. [20] But this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting. [Matthew 17]

When Jesus said: "O unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you?", He was not referring to "the multitude"; He was specifically referring to His disciples as it is clearly shown when the distraught child's father said: "[15] And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him." and Jesus, speaking to His disciples, said: "[19] ...Because of your unbelief".  in response to His disciples' "[18] .... Why could not we cast him out?"

Another misinterpretation and misconception clarified.

Did you you that..... if you take a close look at the January 2006 News Commentary (posts made seven and a half years ago)  very little change - if any - can be detected on the World News?

Amazing, but not surprising, although illuminating.

Published on August 8th, 2013

From (Mrs.) MW @ US

Your mailing regarding Heaven Is For Real was so interesting!

I just saw an interview on TV with Dr. Alexander this very week, and I was considering reading the book.  I guess I will not do that now, after reading your document (1).
I'm curious, though… why do you think you are not to read about near death experiences?  I respect that, I'm just curious. 


Your question is very good and timely, therefore miguel de Portugal will attempt to answer it in full.

When God was forming me, and before springing the question "Leave all behind and follow me" in 1991, He forbade me - for two whole years! - to read, view or listen to the news - any news! It is amazing that, even being in the business world still, I was able to function successfully - in two different professions - without having a clue as to what was happening around me - in the US and the World.

The reason and final objective, I learned later on, was:  He did not want the news to interfere with the information that He was "downloading" in my soul to be used later on - through direct contact with World and Church leaders. Being human, our thinking tends to be shaped by what we read, hear and see and He did not want that interference in me since most of the news are fabrications with specific agendas.

Now it is different - because with His "downloaded programs installed" I can take in all the news in the world and see right through the lies and deceits and the deprogramming information they are loaded with, and then expose them for others to see. When there is some truth - It shines like a beacon and I can easily recognize it and, again, share it with all.

Back to the key question about the Near Death Experiences reading ban.

It was for the same reason.

In this case I did not have too wait to know why... the order was accompanied by the reason why.

Many of those stories are from the underworld with the purpose of deceiving humans, like the one by Dr. Alexander.

Others are altered due to normal human behavior - forgetfulness, embellishments, stardom syndrome, etc.

Frankly I do not know if the ban still is in place considering that I can read any one of them and see exactly where they are really coming from. That is, I am in a position to judge their validity.

I pray that I have succeeded in explaining clearly the reason for the ban and Thank you! for the opportunity to do so.

(1) A Proof of Heaven

From (Mrs.) PD @ US

I have a question.

Most of the time miguel de Portugal uses plural pronouns- We, Us and not singular pronouns such as I, Me,  etc.
Is it because of, as you said in a certain document, (1) "...there are other "Filters", for a lack of a better word, which we will not cover in this document. These are Graces from God, Divine Wounds, if you will, through which highly exalted souls from the Eternal Frame may be made manifest in the Time Frame via a living human being?"


In most cases miguel uses that technique to Glorify God.

It would improper and incorrect if miguel would speak, for example, about the Revealed Secret Concept of the Most Holy Trinity as follows: "When I revealed the Secret Concept of the Most Holy Trinity to the Vatican.... etc."

It would be confusing to the reader if miguel were to expressed that as: "When God revealed the Secret Concept of the Most Holy Trinity to the Vatican.... etc."

Since God revealed it, miguel transmitted it, thus he writes: "When we revealed the Secret Concept of the Most Holy Trinity to the Vatican... etc."

At times it may be confusing to the reader, specially if miguel makes a mistake in the pronoun chosen for a particular statement. However, generally speaking, the above example should serve to explain the various pronouns used by miguel.

The reality that miguel is just a "gofer" is something that remains in the forefront of his mind at all times since its reality is overwhelming. How else, in a literal fraction of a second,  could miguel fully understand Divine secrets which others, book learned individuals, have spent a lifetime pondering about with no avail?

How about information granted to miguel in order to carry out a spiritual task? Information which then vanishes in "thin air" after the task has been fulfilled, or, as it happened several days ago.... when God showed miguel exactly what He meant by:

And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24:22]

God showed miguel a theo logic that would cause everyone - everyone! - to fall at the feet of the False Christ. It was extremely disturbing to miguel because he could see how flawless it was, yet, he knew it was false only because it was God Who was showing it to him  in order to fully comprehend the meaning of  Matthew 24:22.

Once the purpose of that revelation was fulfilled, God "erased" the information from miguel's mind, something for which miguel was most grateful because it insured that miguel would not, by a natural human mistake, share it with anyone.

Such "erasures" are not uncommon for miguel. As a matter of fact, he jokingly refers to his "external hard disk" which connects to his "mainframe" when God deems it necessary and not by an act of miguel's will. Of course, when such "external hard disk" is disconnected, the information is no longer accessible to miguel
(1) Document

Published on August 6th, 2013 [Transfiguration of Our Lord and Anniversary of the Nuclear Devastation in Hiroshima, Japan]

From miguel de Portugal

If my memory serves me right, only twice, since my conversion in March 19, 1985, I have walked into a bookstore and a salesperson has walked up to me and placed a book in my hand and said something like: "Here, you need (or may want to) to read this book." It is interesting to note that both events have happened in two different book stores where I was/am a regular client and which are seven thousand miles apart.

The first book, which was handed to me in a Religious Bookstore in Houston, Texas, was: An Appeal from Mary in Argentina - The (1983) Apparitions  of San Nicolás by René Laurentin, 1990. I had never heard of such apparitions before or since. When I read it it was obvious that it was God Who moved the cashier (not even the saleslady!) of the bookstore to place the book in my hands.

The second time was barely a month ago in a small town in Spain. The scenario was identical to the one that took place 22 years ago in Houston and my response - the same. I purchased it and began to read it immediately.

This book was the Spanish edition of "Heaven Is For Real" by Todd Burpo. As some of you may know, the book is "A little boy's astounding story of his trip to Heaven and back."

Why did God resort to His infrequent method of literally placing the book in my hand? Because He has forbidden me from reading any publications that have to do with Near (final) Death Experiences.

A notable exception was Proof of Heaven - A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife written by a now famous-because-of-the-book Neurosurgeon - Dr. E. Alexander - about which we issued a serious warning in the form of a document. (1) After reading Todd Burpo's "Heaven is For Real", published two years before Alexander's book, it is obvious to me that Alexander's book seems to have been satan's response to "Heaven Is For Real".

As you may have gathered already, we essentially confirm the stories in Burpo's book about his son's experience as true. Although we could go down a list, point by point, as to why we can say that Colton's experience reflects the truth, we will not because such insight could be used in the falsification of similar stories, should the information get out of this private circle. It should be sufficient for those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear to know that: I know from personal experience and personal revelations that what little Colton revealed, a little bit at a time, is the way it really is. That is also why we have no doubt that the image of Jesus, about which Colton said: "Dad, that one's right.", is indeed accurate.

We highly recommend a prayerful review of said book. (2)

If you choose to read it and have any questions and/or doubts, let us know and, God Willing, we will address them in this Forum.

P.S. We do not recommend the follow up books and/or interviews - even if written by Todd Burpo. The genuineness and purity of the first book, with the spontaneous responses by little (3-4 years old) Colton, should not be replaced , color or improved by those of an older child nor the more recent parental memories.
(1) A Proof of Heaven
(2) Heaven is For Real

From (Mrs.) LM @ US

About World Youth Day....

You briefly made note of the Altar that was being constructed for WYD in Brazil.  Was it used? 

Any additional comments about WYD?


A. In our July 2003 News Commentary page we addressed the issues that needed to be addressed regarding the World Youth Day of the following dates: July 20th, July 27th, and July 29th, 2013

It is a good idea to keep up with what we publish in the News Commentary page since very important spiritual matters are covered there too.

Thank you for the opportunity to highlight the spiritual importance of said page here.

Published on August 3rd, 2013 [First Saturday of the Month]

From (Mr.) IW

Yesterday I was discussing False Messianism with a close friend of mine who is Jewish.

He said, "God does not like those who call themselves messiahs," and then he added (without any prompting or a hint from me) that the only true messiah is Jesus Christ.

I wanted to share that with you and have your feedback on it.


A. If we consider what Jesus said:

[16] So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. [17] Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. [18] For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled. [Matthew 5]


[32] Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven. [33] But he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven. [Matthew 10]

It does not take a Vatican Council to ascertain what, right now, looks like the final destination of your Jewish friend. He may not have had the benefits of the Sacraments while journeying through Time, which may be translated into a lengthier period in Purgatory (unless, of course, he takes advantage of some of them before he crosses the veil), but the final destination seems to be quite clear.

The KEY to salvation is to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. Why? The Messiah is the Saviour; the One Who opened the doors of Paradise for wayward man. Whomever denies Him as the Messiah, it logically follows, cannot be saved for He is denying the "means" to return to Paradise.

Of course the "acknowledgement" must be by one's heart, not the mouth, which will show in the way one tries to live one's life: In harmony with law and the prophets, which is what Jesus came to give fulfillment.

It is amazingly simple. God willing, we will be expanding on the above in the near future.

From miguel de Portugal

Recently we received the following story which seems to be making its rounds in the Internet. We are reproducing it below for those who may have not seen it since it exemplifies very well how God helps us to safely navigate through Time.... if we allow Him, of course.

A king who did not believe in the goodness of God, had a slave who, in all circumstances would always say “my king, do not be discouraged, because everything God does is perfect. He makes no mistakes!”   One day they went hunting and along the way a wild animal attacked the king. His slave managed to kill the animal, but could not prevent his majesty from losing a finger.    Furious and without showing his gratitude for being saved, the nobleman asked  "Is God good? If He was good, I would not have been attacked and lost my finger."   The slave replied:   "My king, despite all these things, I can only tell you that God is good, and he knows why these things happened. What God does is perfect. He is never wrong!"
Outraged by the response, the king ordered the arrest of his slave.    Later, the King left for another hunt, this time alone. He was captured by savages who engaged in human sacrifices.    On the altar and ready to sacrifice the nobleman, the savages discovered that their  victim did not have one of his fingers. According to them, only a whole person with all his/her parts intact could be offered to the gods. The King without a finger was deemed an abominable sacrifice for their gods. So they released the King.   Upon his return to the palace, the King authorized the release of his slave. He received the slave affectionately.  "God was really good to me! I was almost killed by the wild men, but for lack of a single finger, I was let go! But I have a question: if God is so good, why did he allow me to put you in jail?"  
The slave answered, "my King, if I had gone with you on this hunt, I would have been sacrificed instead because I have no missing finger. Remember everything God does is perfect. He is never wrong. He made you keep me in jail so I would not be with you on the hunt."    Often we complain about life, and negative things that happen to us, forgetting that nothing is random and that everything has a purpose.    Every morning, offer your day to God, don't be in a rush.    Ask God to inspire your thoughts,  guide your actions, and ease your feelings. And do not be afraid.

God is never wrong, because He never makes mistakes.......  

....and I am delighted that He never does!

Published on August 1st, 2013

Religious Days of Note for August 2013

2nd     First Friday of the Month  and [Mary of the Angels]

3rd     First Saturday of the Month

5th     Feast of Our Lady of Snows and Dedication of St. Mary Major Basilica - Rome

6th     Transfiguration of Our Lord and Anniversary of the Nuclear Devastation in Hiroshima, Japan

7th     End of Ramadan (A time of rejoicing. Houses are decorated; Muslims buy gifts for relatives.)

13th   [Mary, Refuge of Sinners]

15th    Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

22nd   The Queenship of Mary

24th     St. Bartholomew - Apostle and Mary, Health of the Sick (Saturday before last Sunday in August)

29th     Martyrdom of John the Baptist

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