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Published on August 2nd, 2014 [First Saturday of the Month; and Mary of the Angels]

Religious Days of Note


1st     First Friday of the Month

2nd    First Saturday of the Month; and
          [Mary of the Angels]

5th     Feast of Our Lady of Snows; and
          Dedication of
St. Mary Major Basilica - Romeand
          Tish'a B'Av  -  Jewish fast commemorating the destruction of the two Temples

6th     Transfiguration of Our Lord; and
          Anniversary of
the Nuclear Devastation in Hiroshima, Japan

13th   [Mary, Refuge of Sinners]

15th    Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

22nd   The Queenship of Mary

24th    St. Bartholomew - Apostle           

29th    Martyrdom of John the Baptist

Mary, Health of the Sick (Saturday before last Sunday in August)

Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted (Sunday after August 28th)

Dynamics of Social Decay.... and The Restoration Mechanism - An analysis.

Is this so hard to comprehend by the "Evangelizers"? Apparently so!

Published on August 5th, 2014 [Feast of Our Lady of Snows and  Dedication of St. Mary Major Basilica - Rome  and
                                                             Tish'a B'Av  -  Jewish fast commemorating the destruction of the two Temples]

Speaking of Social decay....

Allow us to illustrate an actual and typical "social decay" and how the "restoring mechanism" works to correct it. You will then see another example as to why the Evangelization  process failed.

You may have heard that some "luminary" of catholicism said: "A sin is a sin!" meaning that all sins are alike in the Eyes of God.

Wrong! That is an outrage and a blasphemy at best! To illustrate our point let us take one example - artificial birth control - and "take a walk with it".

Artificial birth control may be used to:

(a) Keep the number of offspring of a sacramentally married couple down to a manageable level.
(b) Avoid a pregnancy in an out of wedlock relationship.
(c) Practice sexual intercourse as a sport with whomever "wants to play" with you.

In case (a) we are only dealing with limiting God's procreation plans for that couple. (1)
In case (b) we have (a) plus limited fornication.
In case (c) we have (a) plus (b) plus a completely degenerate, thus, soul destroying  behavior.

Now, let's bring in abortion into this scene.

If any of the individuals in categories (a), (b) and (c) would resort to abortion - morning after pill included - their sinfulness would take a leap to the level of probably the most despicable sin man can commit - the murder of an innocent and defenseless human being. Yes, by the "morning after" we are already dealing with a human being, with soul and Guardian Angel included!

Anyone who dare to say that all of that is just the same to God, has no knowledge of God and, in addition, forgot that God created man in His Image. Would any rational human being look upon (a), (b) and (c) as being the same? Of course not! Where do you think we got that evaluation/grading discernment from? Sunday School? Hardly! It is from God!

How could we equate the practice of artificial birth control with the practice of abortion?

Instead of passing judgment OR looking the other way (if the material reward is ample enough....) what we must do is assist our brethren to, one step at a time, start moving from (c) to the ideal level of natural birth control - which is abstention of sexual intercourse.

When someone "righteous" demands that an individual in state (c)  immediately attain the ideal level marital status and of birth control or "they will go to hell", all they are doing is causing said individual to reject God further.  Only God can forgive our sins and if He is rejected, our sins cannot be forgiven and we will be eternally guilty of sin [Mark 3:29].

We are to embrace our brethren and, one step at a time, walk him/her out of the whatever sinful state he/she may be and back to the House of the Father. That is precisley what He meant with:

What man of you that hath an hundred sheep: and if he shall lose one of them, doth he not leave the ninety-nine in the desert, and go after that which was lost, until he find it? [Luke 15:4]

We just have to make sure that, once we have located the lost sheep and retrieved it, we do not fall into this common trap:

Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves. [Matthew 23: 15] 

(1) Our position regarding non chemical birth control within a sacramentally married couple is that, as long as the sexual intercourse does not become "a sport", but, instead it is a sublime mean for the couple to express their love for each other, we do not see a sinful action in it, nor have we seen any Sacred Text condemning it. Since we do not have the proverbial ax to grind - that is, justifying ourselves by espousing that belief - we feel quite confident about our feelings regarding this particular situation.

Tisha B'Av - literally "the ninth of Av"....  is an annual fast day in Judaism which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem and the subsequent exile of the Jews from the Land of Israel.

The First Temple was destroyed on the 9th of Av (423 BCE). Five centuries later (in 69 CE), as the Romans drew closer to the Second Temple, ready to torch it, the Jews were shocked to realize that their Second Temple was destroyed the same day as the first.

The day also commemorates other tragedies which occurred on the same day, including:

(a)  the Roman massacre of over 100,000 Jews at Betar in 132 CE.

(b)  During the Exodus the Israelites doubted the power of God and earned another 38 years wondering aimlessly in the desert.

The year was 1313 BCE. The Israelites were in the desert, recently having experienced the miraculous Exodus, and were poised to enter the Promised Land. But first they dispatched a reconnaissance mission to assist in formulating a prudent battle strategy. The spies return on the eighth day of Av and report that the land is unconquerable. That night, the 9th of Av, the people cry.

They insist that they'd rather go back to Egypt. God is highly displeased by this public demonstration of distrust in His power, and consequently that generation of Israelites never enters the Holy Land. Only their children have that privilege, after wandering in the desert for another 38 years.

(c) The Jews were expelled from England in 1290 CE on Tisha b'Av.

(d) In 1492, their Golden Age of Spain came to a close when the Jews were expelled from the land.

The edict of expulsion was signed on March 31, 1492, and the Jews were given exactly four months to put their affairs in order and leave the country. The Hebrew date on which no Jew was allowed any longer to remain in the land where he had enjoyed welcome and prosperity was the 9th of Av.

(e) Germany declared war on Russia, effectively catapulting the First World War into motion, on the 9th of Av, Tisha b'Av.

The annual fast day was instituted by the rabbis of 2nd century Palestine. Tisha B'Av is regarded as the saddest day in the Jewish calendar and a day which is destined for tragedy.

It is indeed obvious that human stupidity (1) excludes no faith - Jews have proven over and over to be as stupid as Christians, while Christians, in turn, have proven over and over again to be as stupid as Muslims, and on and on.

Is there hope?  Perhaps if we ponder upon why does it seem that God talks much about Mercy but shows little, we may find the answer.

The answer is as simple as it could possibly be. Divine Mercy is indeed inexhaustible and infinite, but some conditions do apply - no matter what.

We strongly suggest to any who reads this page learn about such conditions because otherwise their stay in Purgatory may be accompanied by the incessant mantra of "I told you so!"

(1) Being stupid is defined as:

a. lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
b. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.
c. tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party.
d. annoying or irritating; troublesome: Turn off that stupid radio.
e. in a state of stupor; stupefied: stupid from fatigue.

And that is exactly what we mean. The word is not being used as an off the cuff insult.

Published on August 7th, 2014

From (Mr.) WS @ US

Regarding the Entropy of Government in the United States of America....

"Man's reach exceeded his grasp but he reached for a fistful of dollars instead of for Heaven" (Paraphrase of Robert Browning)

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us. At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it?

Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Atlantic Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!

All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.

At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected?

I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

Abraham Lincoln
The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions:
Address Before the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois
January 27, 1838

I wish you Peace and His presence.


Thank you for the reminder of a reality that is almost completely forgotten if we are to judge by the events since after World War II..

From miguel de Portugal

In today's Private News Commentaries post we stated - as we have done in several occasions:

The only good we can draw from what we see every day happening in the world is that I will not shed a tear as I watch what God will allow upon humanity.

Years ago I would have, and did - many, many tears, but, after seeing how humanity has squandered the ten year delay (1998-2008) granted by God, my only tears are for the sorrow humanity is causing to a loving God Who has tried everything possible to help us out of the mire of filth we have sunken into and in which we continue to wallow.

We are positive that many cannot grasp the reality of those words.... They think about the many innocent people in the world - most specially children and shudder at the thought of a major calamity snuffing their lives.

To help with those feelings we wish to remind them of some very key Words from our Lord and Master - Jesus Christ:

And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. [Matthew 10:28]

If God allows the world to sink further, those souls which are destined for Heaven would be killed and end in hell. This He will not allow. That is why He will bring what we call our "civilization" to a thundering end, and why we rejoice.

Now, let us make something perfectly clear before those who should not be reading this draw a very wrong conclusion.

It IS only God, the Lord of Life and Death, who has the prerogative to terminate a human's life in order to preserve the Eternal life of his/her soul.

No human - regardless of the worldly position they may have occupied, Popes included - can claim such prerogative and, when they did, it was murder what they committed, a despicable act for which they are still paying for.

And why even of yourselves, do you not judge that which is just? And when thou goest with thy adversary to the prince, whilst thou art in the way, endeavour to be delivered from him: lest perhaps he draw thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the exacter, and the exacter cast thee into prison. I say to thee, thou shalt not go out thence, until thou pay the very last mite. [Matthew 12: 57-59].

From (Mr.) GR @ US

Regarding Ebola -  isn't it incredible how TPTB (the powers that be) manipulate Ebola to their ends, considering there is a remedy....
Dr Cathcart MD states (1):  
"These free radical deaths result when these, probably 500 gram, diseases are caused by the enormous destruction of ascorbate by the toxicity of these horrible diseases. After a week or so of this acute induced scurvy, the collagen fibers of the blood vessels begin to break down (prolonged acute induced scurvy) and the victim begins to bleed from every orifice and into every organ of the body.

The only way to prevent this free radical death is to give massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  Unfortunately, any success of this treatment would reveal this general phenomenon which is applicable to all infectious diseases and all other conditions that involve free radicals.  General knowledge of this treatment would cost the drug companies enormous amounts of money so these people will continue to have to die these unnecessary horrible free radical deaths. "

In Christ.


A.  Thank you for your fine contribution which, once again, confirms the ruling TPTB culture.
(1) Source

Published on August 9th, 2014

From (Mrs.) IW @ US
[key excerpts of letter]

Thank you for publishing my letter (Private News Commentary of  8-06-14) .  I can only hope that it will have some impact, but in all honesty, I seriously doubt that it will.

Past experience has proven to me time and time again, that very few individuals, if any, want to know what the real truth is.  It is much better for them to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it’s all a sham; that whoever is revealing such hard realities is exaggerating; that things can’t possibly be that bad. 

In other words, the big “D”, as in the word “Denial”, is easier to deal with.  These individuals will only believe the actual truth once they or loved ones become the victims of this gross negligence on the part of so-called caregivers in healthcare facilities.

If I sound somewhat bitter, it’s because I am.  Even after all these years, I still feel some anger and frustration whenever I see former colleagues (the ones who were along the same mindset as I was), and who ALL tell me the same thing:  that ever since I left the work force, things got so much worse.  And I ask myself:  How can it possibly have gotten worse than what it was??  It was intolerable then.


Can you imagine how Jesus and Mary feel?

For over 250 years they have tried everything imaginable to stir humanity away from the Chastisement, which is at our doors. Most of humanity has chosen to reject their loving entreats with the horrific consequences such rejection are associated with it.

"What's the use", you wonder? Why don't we shut down our Domains, stop issuing daily posts and just "Pray, Pray, Pray"?

For the same reason John the Baptist harangued the people until he lost his head, and Jesus ministered to this seemingly worthless humanity for three and a half years until he was nailed to the cross.

You see, Divine Mercy demands the dissemination of such information (1) because, the Perfect and Most Merciful God, will not entertain any claims of "Where was God?" or "Why did You allow this to happen?", etc., etc. when misery strikes an amply warned humanity.

That is why He can do what you read below with a coherently clear conscience.

But he said to them: Strive to enter by the narrow gate; for many, I say to you, shall seek to enter, and shall not be able. But when the master of the house shall be gone in, and shall shut the door, you shall begin to stand without, and knock at the door, saying: Lord, open to us. And he answering, shall say to you: I know you not, whence you are.

Then you shall begin to say: We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets.  And he shall say to you: I know you not, whence you are: depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when you shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out. [Luke 12:23-28]

If we are able to locate the text written shortly after its occurrence, we will share with our readership a dream m de P had about nine years ago wherein God illustrated how that works and what role miguel played in the End of These Times, just in case m de P had not fully understood it. Upon awakening, the entire dream was crystal clear, whereas its meaning was completely hidden. Within a period of three days God slowly revealed the meaning of each scene.

The dream would be most comforting for those who listen and act upon what they hear, and as dreadful as what He warns us about through Luke 12:23-28.
(1) When m de P wrote and sent this letter to Joaquin Navarro-Valls the Opus Dei man in control of most John Paul II's papacy, miguel knew without a shred of a doubt that absolutely nothing would change. miguel wrote it and sent it because Divine Mercy demanded that, through him, the Opus Dei would be served notice, so to speak, of what their future would be like.

From (Mrs.) SA @ US

I clicked on a headline this morning (8-06-14) which I found very disturbing: "Menstrual Hygiene Must Become a Matter of Public Concern in Zimbabwe"

It's about the horrors of what young girls/women go through in Africa..... simply because they are females born into a very poor country being ruled by corrupt government.

Lack of potable water leaves them with few options for even the most basic personal hygiene.  It is so heart-wrenching.  Donating feminine hygiene products will not work because the government charges citizens to obtain said products.  Even using rags isn't feasible because there's not enough water to drink, let alone wash bodies/clothing.  I know we can (and should) pray.... but is there anything else we can do to help these poor girls/women ??

Please help me understand how and why some children/peoples must be born into such oppression/suffering.  Is it something we are meant to understand?  It is incredibly sad to think that simply because a child is born into such a life..... they have no feasible way of breaking that cycle of poverty/ignorance.....

I know your time is precious, but if you are able to respond with your thoughts, please know that it would be very much appreciated.


. For this kind of matters "our precious time" is yours!

The tragedy that you describe is indeed accurate and even more widespread than most want to even acknowledge. At this point and time the only thing that we can do is pray (1a) (1b) so that their spiritual and material needs be fulfilled in accordance to the will of God during whatever little time remains.

We have a long-time collaborator who is now living and working in Luanda (capital of Angola) since employment in Portugal vaporized starting in 2008. To give you an idea of "how things" are there, this is one of the stories he shared with me:

If you are driving within or outside the city and someone, other than what may appear as a legitimate authority, tries to stop your car the most secure (and best for you!) to do is run him/her over and speed on! This is part of the survival recommendations he received upon arrival in Luanda.

Of course if you are stopped by what appears to be legitimate authority, but is not.... start offering your prayers!

Do you get the picture?

Just as you said - anything one sends, even through a seminarian turned into priest (as we did) - doesn't reach those who are in desperate need of everything. Corruption is an entrenched way of life in Africa.

As to why God allows this? No; it is not God. It is us - those who should know better and live in regal comfort when compared with the way those poor individuals live - if one dares to call their existence living!

This is precisely why we often refer to the failed Evangelization effort. God came in the Person of Jesus Christ to see if He could get through our heads what the prophets kept announcing for centuries. All that resulted in was a priestly class living like royalty (exceptions always noted) and exploiting whomever they could, always in the Name of God, of course, for their institutional benefit. Look at Latin America - poverty and misery everywhere. Who colonized and "Evangelized" them?  "Super Catholic" Spain and Portugal, but you should see real estate they built for themselves at home while exploiting the natives.

As we said in our response to the first letter - if you and I feel the way we do about "why some children/peoples must be born into such oppression/suffering", can you imagine how Jesus and Mary feel?

God - through the Holy Hands of Jesus - placed in our hands the means to solve all of that. He graciously even gave us the most comprehensive and powerful Faith man has known - Catholicism (2) - and, what have we done? Squandered it!

He even sent His Mother to make up for the multiple errors of the "Evangelizers". What did they do with such favors? Turned Marian Apparitions into a multinational business of a magnitude that puts Amazon to shame!

This is why God will bring this to a thundering end and leave just a sprinkling of humans left, although He would completely justified if He had chosen to wipe out humanity.

Most of our readers do not really understand that the ONLY option mankind has left is prayer in the hopes of minimizing individual suffering as this adulterous civilization is razed to the ground.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify the "Where we are at" and "What can we do?" (1a) further.
(1a) What Can We Do? Part Iand Part II
(1b) We pray for "Those who are suffering throughout the world as the result of our iniquities and greed" asking God that He "grants them the spiritual and temporal they so desperately need in accordance to His Will". This request is mentioned in five Masses during the week, one or two decades of the Rosary are offered for that intention per day and become the central intention for two Masses per week. We take this responsibility very seriously.... and we should if we are to believe Luke 12:48

(2)  The Faith With Most Revealed Truths on Earth

Published on August 12th, 2014

From miguel de Portugal

In a post from last Saturday we stated:

"We pray for 'Those who are suffering throughout the world as the result of our iniquities and greed' asking God that He "grants them the spiritual and temporal they so desperately need in accordance to His Will". This request is mentioned in five Masses during the week, one or two decades of the Rosary are offered for that intention per day and become the central intention for two Masses per week. We take this responsibility very seriously.... and we should if we are to believe Luke 12:48".

In the past we have made similar statements to illustrate a point or indicate how we should act. In case there may be someone in our Private Lists that may think the I am "tooting my own horn", allow us to share a reading from Luke which illustrates how God expects us to feel as we serve Him and, through His Grace, how I feel:

[7] But which of you having a servant ploughing, or feeding cattle,.... [9]... thank that servant, for doing the things which he commanded him? [10] I think not. So you also, when you shall have done all these things that are commanded you, say: We are unprofitable servants; we have done that which we ought to do. [Luke 17]

I do not consider that what I do and have done is anything special.

Whatever I may do is the very least I can do as a sign of thanksgiving for the opportunity that God has given us to return to the Paradise lost by human weakness.

I say "sign of thanksgiving" because there is no way any human can ever pay God for what he has done for us.

Therefore, brethren, keep that very much in mind should you ever feel tempted to think that I lack humility and have an abundance of arrogance in me..... but if you do, do let us know should there be something else that I need to correct in whatever self I have left.

and also....

From miguel de Portugal

I have heard some comments about the alleged "Fire and Brimstone" that some may find in some of our posts. Let us understand some terms:


1. the act or utterance of one who warns or the existence, appearance, sound, etc., of a thing that warns.
2. something that serves to warn, give notice, or caution: We fired a warning at the intruders.
3. in meteorology . an announcement from the U.S. National Weather Service alerting the public that a storm or other weather-related hazard is imminent and that immediate steps should be taken to protect lives and property.
4. serving to warn, advise, caution: a warning bell.


1.a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment, injury, etc., in retaliation for, or conditionally upon, some action or course; menace: He confessed under the threat of imprisonment.
2. an indication or warning of probable trouble: The threat of a storm was in the air.
3.a person or thing that threatens.
4. Archaic. to threaten.

A long time (50 years worth) Jewish friend told me about her parents' journey to America from the soon to be Hitler's Europe. The father was from Poland; the mother was from Rumania.

As the Third Reich was being established in Germany, there were some individuals who were warning all Jews in that part of the world about what Hitler was threatening to do.

Her mother's family heeded the warnings and all survived. Her father's family ignored the threats and most, if not all, were incinerated.

Therefore - if our warnings sound like threats of Fire and Brimstone, they are not. I have no power to bring Fire and Brimstone upon humanity but I do have the power, granted by God, to act in a manner that the sufferings of the Elect can be reduced as the result of their response to our warnings in the Name of God.

I pray that we have conveyed our point to all who may sooner or later read this text.

Published on August 14th, 2014 [The day after the Feast of Mary, Refuge of Sinners]

From miguel de Portugal

Three  years after we had published "W.W. I and II - Key Historical Dates And Their Relation To Messages and Warnings From Heaven" (1), as the Western Coalition was poised to "liberate" Iraq from Saddam Hussein, thus, triggering what later became known as the "Arab Spring", we added two notes at the end of the document.

We feel it is quite appropriate now - twelve years later -  to review their contents. They follow:

NOTE Added on August 28, 2002 [Relevant comments added on September 29, 2008]:

Through this document, the reader will notice the frequency with which the date July 16th, the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, was used by God to get our attention. One of the most dramatic events to take place on a July 16th was the first test of the Atomic Bomb. (July 16th, 1940)

As the United States approached the final confrontation with Iraq, and the whole Arab World, a confrontation which may eventually unleash the final Nuclear Holocaust, we would like to point out other Iraq-related events which "coincidentally" also took place on a July 16th.

* Iraq's National Holiday - Anniversary of the Revolution - July 17th (1968)

 * Iraq's Constitution became effective on July 16th (1970)

 * Saddam Hussein assumed the Presidency of Iraq on July 16th (1979)

Is God, through Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, trying to give us a warning before we embark on a trip with no return?

NOTE Added on November 11, 2002 [Relevant comments added on September 29, 2008]:

As the war with Iraq loomed in the horizon we should have asked ourselves:
 Is God speaking to us again through the "sign posts" dates set by the Security Council in the newly adopted Iraqi Resolution?
Let us review the dates chosen by the Security Council in relation to the impending attack to Iraq:
By August 15th: Iraq must have explicitly accepted the Resolution.
August 15, 1992, was a "trigger date" for the Sequence of Events. No one, with the exception of his Spiritual Director, was aware of this date except miguel de Portugal. As he has stated before, his function is not to announce dates, thus this "trigger date" was never publicized.

One day, if it pleases the Lord, miguel de Portugal will reveal what took place to cause its delay. It is known worldwide, but not recognized - nor even remotely associated with such Grace.

By December 8th: Iraq must have submitted a dossier to the weapons inspectors giving a comprehensive account of the state of its weapons program.
For the Roman Catholics: December the 8th is a most important Feast honoring the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. [Please note the importance of this date throughout the events of World Wars I and II listed below in the main body of this Document.]

For the Jews: This year, December 8th marks the end of Chanukah - the Festival of Lights.

By December 23rd: Inspections must start in Iraq.
One day before the Holiest Night for Christendom.
By February 21st: Inspector must report their findings to the Security Council.
On the next day, February 22nd, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Chair of Peter; this Feast commemorates St. Peter's Pontifical Authority.
Perhaps we should have pondered about the Iraq date-related "coincidences" in the light provided by the many "coincidences" associated with key dates of World Wars I and II and the Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar as we acknowledge the massive failure of the Bush Administration in Iraq - and the whole Middle East.

Please, do not fail to recognize the signs of the fig tree [Luke 21: 29-32] and wait to the last minute to "buy oil for your lamps" [Matthew 25: 1-13] for there will be no oil to buy.

If we look back and review what has happened in that area after the "liberation" of Iraq, it seems that indeed God was trying to give us a warning about what we were about to trigger in the Middle East - just as He spoke to us through World Wars I and II.

(1) The Document

Published on August 16th, 2014

From miguel de Portugal

We are waiting to see when the "launchers" of the False Christ subtly identify Ratzinger and Bergoglio as the Two Witnesses of Revelations 11 fame. To refresh your memory as to what the Book of Revelations say about them, we have reproduced the key verses below:

[3] And I will give unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred sixty days, clothed in sackcloth. [4] These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks, that stand before the Lord of the earth. [5] And if any man will hurt them, fire shall come out of their mouths, and shall devour their enemies. And if any man will hurt them, in this manner must he be slain.

[7] And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast, that ascendeth out of the abyss, shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

[11] And after three days and a half, the spirit of life from God entered into them. And they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon them that saw them. [12] And they heard a great voice from heaven, saying to them: Come up hither.

It will take very little to adjust the above text to their script and ultimate plans. Considering the level of 'special effects' technology possessed by man now and the vast ignorance of the Biblical Texts by most Catholics as well as their ingrained adoration of the Papacy, this deception could not be any easier.

With this now on the open, let us see how they patch up their plans.

Note: Know that the above has been known to us for a few weeks and it was just now when God Willed that we reveal it.

Which brings us back to..... the Samaritans.

As we have pointed out before, the Samaritans lived the branch of Judaism who were practicing the Jewish faith as it was supposed to and as Jesus obviously did (1).

From a recent Mass Gospel, here we have another Biblical example of why Jesus called the Temple Masters "sinful, wicked and adulterous generation"  and refer to the Samaritans as "strangers."

[11] And it came to pass, as he was going to Jerusalem, he passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee. [12] And as he entered into a certain town, there met him ten men that were lepers, who stood afar off; [13] And lifted up their voice, saying: Jesus, master, have mercy on us. [14] Whom when he saw, he said: Go, shew yourselves to the priests. And it came to pass, as they went, they were made clean. [15] And one of them, when he saw that he was made clean, went back, with a loud voice glorifying God.

[16] And he fell on his face before his feet, giving thanks: and this was a Samaritan. [17] And Jesus answering, said, Were not ten made clean? and where are the nine? [18] There is no one found to return and give glory to God, but this stranger. [Luke 17]

Regarding our statement that Jesus called the Temple Masters "sinful, wicked and adulterous generation"

Following is a reminder as to where and under what circumstances He did....

Who answering said to them: An evil and adulterous generation seeketh a sign: and a sign shall not be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet. [Matthew 12:39]

...and again through Matthew...

A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign: and a sign shall not be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet. And he left them, and went away. [Matthew 16:4]

For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation: the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels. [Mark 8:38]

This is why Jesus judged the Roman Catholic Church Administration (2) - the new Temple Masters - almost 2000 years ago.

In conclusion, for those amongst our readers who have not connected this set of dots yet, those who share our position regarding the Catholic Faith (3) and the Roman Catholic Church Administration (4) embody, in effect, the Samaritans of the End of These Times.

(1) What is called "Last Supper" was Jesus' Last Passover Meal
(2) Jesus Judged the Administration
(3) Our position about the Catholic Faith
(4) Our position about the Roman Catholic Church Administration

From Vladimir Demidenko @ Luhansk, Ukraine

A surgeon, explaining why doctors in besieged Luhansk, Ukraine, do not ask rebel mortar crews to move away from the hospital. (1)

"They wouldn't listen to us. If we went to complain to them, they would kill us."

(1) The tragedy

Published on August 19th, 2014

From (Mrs.) IW @ US

At a recent Sunday I was a lector for Mass.  The first petition almost left me speechless.  I wish I was able to quote it word for word but, it started off saying that people should evaluate their faith and "convert to Catholicism."
I did read it as written, but later I e-mailed our Worship Commission asking about this particular petition. I stated that I was concerned that we are reverting back to the 1950's and calling non-Catholic's our Seperated Bretheren. I said that my deceased grandfather was Methodist and, What about him?

The following is the response I received.
I am sorry that you misunderstood the meaning behind the petition.

The petition writer in this context does not mean to become a "member" of the "Roman Catholic Church" or that you should be a "Catholic" but rather that hearts be converted, through our example, to the "ways" of Catholicism. The petition is that we (who are hearing the petition read) witness to our Catholicism and thus inspire the world.

The petition does not imply that those who are already Christians require conversion.

I am confident that if you take the time to reread the petition objectively you will come to the same conclusion.

Thank you for your inquiry and I hope that this helps clarify the petition for you.

This answer did not set well with me. I know the person who responded meant well, and would not hurt a fly.  I know that there is Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church.

I did not realize we need to take time to reflect on the petitions. I feel...well I am not sure how I feel.  Maybe violated.

Here is my concern: How many people really listen to the petitions?  How often do we just, by habit, pray for whatever is being said and not really listen to it?

Well, I am just amazed at how little things like this, can and will turn into something we could not have imagined. Subliminal Suggestion/Mind Control at work perhaps?

I am sorry to worry you with this, but I needed to vent to someone who understands what is really going on on our world. If I am off base or putting too much into this, I stand corrected.

Peace and Blessing to You!!!!


We could comments extensively about the various topics that appear in your communication, however, we will focus on and address your specific concern:

How many people really listen to the petitions?  How often do we just, by habit, pray for whatever is being said and not really listen to it?

The answer, based on ample experience - drawn from either side of the Atlantic and thousands of Masses and prayer sessions - is: Most do not even listen, let alone comprehend, the petition to which they are spiritually signing their names to.

God is the "ultimate Internet" - every word and petition that we have ever uttered as well as every deed, and motives which moved us to them, is permanently before the Eyes of God. Of course, there is Mercy; of course there is forgiveness of sins! But what about the petitions which many mindlessly spiritually sign on to them?

There is a "cute saying" in the US that goes: Be careful what you ask for, because you may get it!

We have news for everyone - It is not just a "cute saying"; that is exactly the way it is!

Someone may say: Well, God knows that I was mindlessly just saying "Amen" to the petitions to go along with those who presented the petition. He knows that I did not really mean it.

Again we remind one and all - and if I had to do so, I would do it every day: That is the same God Who, as the result of the disobedience to the requests through Fatima by the Roman Catholic Church Administration, allowed the Second World War and for Russia to spread its errors throughout the world.

That is why we concluded a document that we published some time ago - and which is avoided by most as the plague - as follows:

miguel de Portugal repeats and expands it (it = the message of said document), as the world free falls into the abyss, while reminding each and everyone that you will be your only judge as what you have spoken in prayer will be applied to you upon following your very own instructions.

John 12:47-49 And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day. For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.

You have every right and reason! to feel as you do. But also you should thank God profusely because your Ears, Hear well, and your Eyes, See well too. In addition, it os obvious that the Holy Spirit of God, residing in your soul, is guiding, as well as alerting you, as you navigate through the End of These Times.

May God be Praised Eternally!

From (Mrs.) IW @ Panama

Last Saturday, as usual every morning, I was reading your news, information and comments.

I read your interpretation of the two witnesses in the Book of Revelations.

Well, you know, I always wonder to whom the Lord was referring to when He gives us that information. Then the day came when I thought to have understood who it was.

Remember the Sunday when the Vatican did the celebration of adding to the Book of Saint Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II?

I really do believe they are the Olives of the Lord and they were brought before the Lord on the Altar (symbolic speaking of course).

I believe that they are the two that the Lord will breathe life again to them and we will see them again this time to guide us. If you see the reading it states no one can harm them and if they try well there will be trouble.


A. Thank you for your kind words (1) and for sharing you views and inspiration with us.

However, we must make perfectly clear that we did not claim or interpret that Ratzinger and Bergoglio are the two witnesses.

What we said was that:  Those who plan to introduce the False Christ may want to identify them with the two witnesses.

Thank you for the opportunity to make this perfectly clear in case someone else misunderstood what we said.
(1) Edited out from the published letter

From miguel de Portugal

As you know, we are very concerned about the dangers to privacy the Internet poses to the average user. That is why, for the benefit of our readers, we publish safety information from time to time. Today we want to bring to your attention two items.

(a) Google has taken to place ads mixed within the news in their news page using the same formats and photographs as they use in their legitimate news report. Unless one notices that there is a little indicator located on the top right corner, the reader will not know that it is an ad and probably click on it. Advertisers pay Google based on the number of individuals that click on the ad.

(b) If one subscribes to certain free news services, say, like from The New York Times, Homeland Security, etc. and there is a news report that one wishes to read in depth, logically one will click on it.

In far too many cases the link one clicks on looks like:
(we have removed the "http" at the beginning of each link to avoid any mail server rejection)


When the actual link to the news page is:


Another example....

A link that looks like this:


Takes you to the actual news link, which is just:


All of those codes give the issuing entity a world of information about the individual who is interested in reading the details of the news report.

For your information - when we share with our readership news reports or government reports on safety (as the example above) we provide you with the clean link and not with the one that they originally provide as they go fishing for personal information.

Published on August 21st, 2014

From (Mrs.) IW @ US

The August 7, 2014, Private News Commentary, News Report  No. 4, which  pertains to the deadly 'superbug' CRE spreading in U.S. hospitals,  brought to mind more unpleasant issues pertaining to  nosocomial infections.  An example follows.

In the above-mentioned article, it is stated:  "…and while the actual number of patients discovered was low – 305 – the worry is that CRE infections are under-reported and threaten health care facilities nationwide."

In the last facility I worked in, it was a fact that  nosocomial infections were under-reported.  An example follows.

The first time the highly-contagious norovirus hit the nursing home I worked in, the outbreak was so severe the facility had to be quarantined for two weeks.  That meant no visitors were allowed in the facility, as well as no new admissions.  Only staff was allowed in-house.  Very strict isolation precautions were implemented and observed by all.  (For more information about this virus, go to and search "Norovirus").

The decision to quarantine was not made lightly.  The county Public Health Agency had to be notified of any confirmed cases of the norovirus.  That was the law.  Depending on the number of cases, this agency was responsible for issuing the quarantine order, so as to help contain the spread of the virus.

In the first and second years of the outbreaks, things went smoothly.  Thanks to meticulous compliance with both the strict isolation and quarantine measures, the virus was quickly contained.

However, during the third  outbreak, I became aware of discrepancies in the reporting of confirmed cases of the norovirus.

In my role as night-shift charge nurse, one of my duties was performing 24-hour chart checks.  This included making sure that all  laboratory  reports were placed on the patient charts, etcetera.

It was during one such check that I realized certain lab reports, which I could personally vouch for from previous chart checks, and which had all indicated positive for norovirus, were missing from the charts.

I alerted the nursing supervisor of my findings.  She, in turn, swore me to secrecy and told me that at an emergency meeting with the administrator and the director of nursing, all nursing supervisors were advised of changes, effective immediately,  in obtaining stool specimens in patients suspected of having the norovirus.  The specimens were to be obtained on the day shift only, and then given to the Infection Control Nurse, who saw to it that the specimens were shipped off for analysis to a far-off, out-of-state location.

This change in procedure meant that the specimen results were delayed by several days.  By the time they did come back, enough time had elapsed for the patients to be completely recovered from the illness.  Therefore, it was no longer necessary for administration to forward any positive results to the Public Health Agency.

An aside:  Prior to this abrupt change, the specimens were obtained at any hour of the day or night as soon as symptoms occurred, and sent to the in-house  laboratory for analysis.  This common practice yielded very quick results.  If they tested positive for the virus, isolation precautions were immediately implemented.  Administration was notified, and they, in turn, notified the Public Health Agency.

Per the supervisor, the administrator had also voiced concern that when the facility was quarantined, resulting in no new admissions, there was "no money coming in".  By making the changes as indicated above, the administrator was thus assured that there would, indeed, continue to be "money coming in"… 

The supervisor told me she would contact the Public Health Agency to alert them of what was happening, and that as far as she was concerned, the subject was closed.  Nothing further was ever said. 

I do not know if she followed up on this matter or not. 

I retired from nursing not long after this.


Thank you for helping us fully illustrate to our readership that the only safety available to us can only be found in God and within the Immaculate Heart of Mary which, in effect, leads us to Him.

If nothing horrific - and completely unexpected by the masses - has occurred yet in the world it is because He has not allowed it.

For example, some of the volcanoes in Iceland (1) could essentially shut down the world for some time - even years. After viewing this week an in depth historical study of Icelandic volcanic activity and the real threat they pose, we concluded that the only worse volcanic scenario would be the explosion of the Yellowstone caldera.

(1) Dangers if Icelandic Volcano Eruptions Part I and  Part II

From Mr. W.S. @ US

I found a web site (1) where they Biblically establish the comparison of Mary with the Ark of the Old Covenant.

So profound yet so simple.  Believing is seeing.  Look no further; Eureka!


Excellent! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share this beautiful Biblical parallel with the rest of our readership.

We must also point out that Mary's relation with an Ark does not stop there.

Mary's Immaculate Heart is the mystical version of Noah's Ark. Only in the safe refuge of Her Immaculate Heart we will be able to safely navigate through the End of These Times and into the Re-Newed Creation.

(1) Source

Published on August 23rd, 2014

A Reminder from miguel de Portugal

Just saying and not acting that one defers to the Will of God only serves to further confuse whatever the issue may be and delay its resolution.

We must make sure that we are truly deferring to the Will of God.

When one is able to offer the following prayer in all sincerity and without holding anything back:

Most Holy Trinity, as an act of my free will, I totally abandon myself into Your Hands;

do with me what You Will.  Whatever You may do, I thank you;

I am ready for  all; I accept all that You Will be done in me and in all Your creatures.

I wish no more than this, O Lord, other than you sustain me throughout whatever I may have to go through.


Then He can really go to work on whatever the situation being presented to Him is. If not, all one is doing is complicating the issue at hand even more and delaying its resolution.

Allow us to illustrate to you what we mean about total abandonment to the Will of God.

When I pray for the continued conversion and salvation of the souls of my children I follow the prayerful request with: If that is in accordance to Your Will - and I mean it! and He knows it!

If God were to ask me: "Of all that I have revealed to you, choose only one and I will emblazon that knowledge on the souls of all who have ever read what you publish in My Name - without exception."

My unquestionable choice would be: The knowledge that the Will of God for each one of us at every single juncture of our journey IS PERFECT.

A good measure to determine the truth and/or level of one's abandonment to the Will of God is the level of fear associated with the act. The greater the fear, the less trust one has in God thus the level of abandonment to His Will.

From miguel de Portugal

Following is a perfect/classic/texbook example of why some fall in the Opus Dei trap. We are reproduced the full text. The highlighting is from us.

Miroslav: "Steel wrapped in velvet" (1)

Miroslav (2), who lives in Slovakia, is a Cooperator of Opus Dei. He learned about its message via the internet.

For various reasons, I was in need of inner strengthening. While browsing the internet, I happened to visit the Opus Dei web site, and it immediately interested me; they talked about something I needed. I contacted them and went to a retreat. It greatly enriched me and made me reflect on the spirit of humility, truthfulness, the effort to pass unnoticed....

On the need to be like steel inside, but on the outside wrapped in velvet. I see the message of St. Josemaría, which is both modern and attractive, as though he had made it for me, for my life in the middle of the world. My cooperation takes the form of helping out in some specific small things, as needed. For example, I help organize each month the day of recollection in Martin. For me this is a great joy.

The poor man could not even see the proverbial flashing red light: "Steel wrapped in velvet" - the classical deception. What correct image is gentleness with firmness, for example.

Mr. Mazuk speaks of : "the spirit of humility, truthfulness, the effort to pass unnoticed.... " - completely blind to the Opus Dei reality (3).  These are the type of individuals who are the Opus Dei workers - like those in an ant hill or a bee colony. Just low/entry level workers. Once they are "checked out" for a while they will determine how best they can be utilized. In poor Mr. Mazuk's case we can already see that there interest is not money; it is the influence as a judge has specially in an emerging country.

We are sure that Jose María Escrivá is quite pleased with this latest catch.

It is fair and just that we mention that we are aware that we have an Opus Dei operative - a "plant", as it is called in spy circles - in our private mailing lists.
(1) Original Source
(2) Miroslav Mazuch lives in Martin, Slovakia. A judge, he is married and has four children.
(3) The Opus Dei reality

while on the Opus Dei subject....

Did you know that.... recently, Pope Francis added two new plenary indulgences available to Opus Dei cooperators?

Besides the means of spiritual formation that the Prelature offers them, Cooperators can receive a number of other spiritual benefits. Recently, Pope Francis added two new plenary indulgences available to them.

The Holy See has granted to Catholic Cooperators a plenary indulgence (under the usual conditions established by the Church: sacramental confession, communion and prayer for the intentions of the Roman Pontiff) on the following days, if they renew their commitments as Cooperators:

--March 19: Solemnity of St. Joseph.

--June 29: Solemnity of the Holy Apostles Sts. Peter and Paul.

--September 14: Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross.

--September 29: Feast of the Holy Archangels Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

--December 27: Feast of St. John, Apostle and Evangelist.

--Date of their appointment as Cooperators.

In addition, by a decree from the Apostolic Penitentiary dated April 28, 2014, Pope Francis has granted two additional plenary indulgences for Cooperators, on October 2 and February 14 each year.

miguel de Portugal comments: This reminds us of when a mobile phone contract expires. The provider offers the customer a better phone or a computer or whatever is tech-fashionable then.... the catch is that, if you bite the hook, the contract is renewed for another 24 months... no matter if the printed conditions on the reverse of the contract says eighteen months. We experienced that first hand.

In the Opus Dei case, they have it set up to "renew the Cooperators contract" eight times per year lest they loose the plenary indulgence with, we are sure that they have been told, serious consequences.

On the lighter side.... Bergoglio - no matter who he may pretend to be - is not able to grant any kind of indulgences and neither did Ratzinger.

(1) Original Source

Published on August 26th, 2014

From miguel de Portugal

In addition to Pope Leo XIII's prayer to St. Michael the Archangel and the Salve Regina, which we offer after every Mass, there are three other prayers of Thanksgiving that we also offer at the same time and which we wish to share with our readership.

Prayer To Christ The King

Christ Jesus, I acknowledge You King of the universe.
All that has been created has been made for You.
Make full use of Your rights over me.

I renew the promises I made in Baptism,
when I renounced Satan and all his pomps and works.
I promise to live a good Christian life
and to do all in my power
to procure the triumph of the rights of God
and Your People.

Divine Heart of Jesus,
I offer you my poor efforts
in order to obtain that all hearts
may acknowledge your Sacred Royalty,
and that thus the Kingdom of Your peace
may be established throughout the universe.


Act of Thanksgiving

>From the depths of my heart
I thank You, Dear Lord,
For Your infinite kindness in coming to me.

How good You are to me!
With Your most holy Mother and all the angels,
I praise Your mercy and generosity toward me,
A poor sinner.

I thank You for nourishing my soul
With Your Sacred Body and Precious Blood.

I will try to show my gratitude to You
In the Sacrament of Your love,
By obedience to Your holy commandemnts,
By fidelity to my duties,
By kindness to my neighbour
And by an earnest endeavour
To become more like You in my daily conduct.


Prayer to Jesus Christ Crucified
(modified by miguel de Portugal)

My good and dear Jesus, I kneel before you,
asking you most earnestly to engrave upon my heart
a deep and lively faith, hope, and charity,
with true repentance for my sins,
and a firm resolve to make amends.

Soul of Christ, make me holy.
Body of Christ, be my salvation.
Blood of Christ let me drink your Life.
Water flowing from the side of Christ, wash me clean.
Passion of Christ strengthen me.     

Kind Jesus, hear my prayer,
hide me within your wounds and
keep me close to you.
Defend me from the evil enemy.
Call me at my death to the fellowship of the saints,
That I may sing your praise with them through all eternity.


We realize that most "...Hve Things to Do, Places to Go and People to See" which reduces available time for prayer, but it may be a good idea to make the time now before most have too much time available and precious little to do any more.... if you catch our drift, as the saying goes.

There will be..... a conference and tour (1) regarding the Hidden History with Dr. Sam Osmanagich, discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramid (2).  The conference begins August 31st and ends September 7th.

Topics he will cover will include continental glacier waves and the geology of the region, how the pyramid became buried and evidence of advanced science that dates back to the ice age.

miguel de Portugal comments: We are glad to see that the overwhelming amount of information pointing to our hidden (read: censored) history is being brought to the light more and more. A bit late but.... good for those to are already aware that the world has been lied about most everything (3).
(1) Conference Program and Scope
(2) About the Bosnian Pyramids
(3) The True Chronology of Creation

Published on August 28th, 2014

From (Mrs.) LM @ US

The reminder of the Sequence of Events (1) is appreciated.  I do have it in mind when I see all the current situations in the world.
I did take great notice of your question about consecrated hosts at the church we go to.  I have written to you about this before.  I did read the material that you suggested (2).

I have been paying close attention to what the priest is doing. Yes, the hosts are blessed during the Mass.  It is rare that more are needed, as the numbers at our inner-city parish are dwindling.

The priest uses Eucharistic Prayer II, but his hands are only facing down over the hosts, and not all of the cups of wine.

I have been to another church, where the Priest, using Eucharistic Prayer II,  has his hands down and extended over everything that is on the altar.

If I understood your information correctly, the extension of the hands over the offering is necessary.

So, at the church we attend regularly, the hosts are consecrated, but the wine that the parishioners receive is not.  

Is receiving of the host only, acceptable?
Thank you for taking the time to re-address this with me.
Have a Blessed Day!


It is not clear from your text whether the priest in question consecrates the wine he consumes. We understood that the wine offered to the communicants is not consecrated, but are not clear whether he is transubstantiating the wine in the chalice he uses during Mass.

The official Eucharistic Prayer II reads as follows (3):

The priest, with hands extended, says:

Lord you are holy indeed, the fountain of all holiness.
He joins his hands and holding them outstretched over the offerings, says:
Let your Spirit come upon these gifts to make them holy, so that they may become for us

The Body + and Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

There should be no question about the hosts being transubstantiated and you are indeed consuming the Body of Christ.

If the celebrant consecrates the wine in the chalice he uses for himself and not the others - that does not present a real problem except for the faithful believing that they are drinking what they are not.

We have seen - many times in years past - when the celebrant properly consecrated all hosts and his wine but not the wine contained in other goblets. Whenever that happened we had no spiritual indication of liturgical wrongdoing.
(1) Sequence
(2) About Transubstantiation
(3) Source

From miguel de Portugal

The Gospel in a Mass we just offered was Luke 21:20-28. We wish to use this reading to illustrate, from a different perspective, how we should read the Holy Texts. In this particular set of verses Jesus is being literal but His statements span 2000 years.

20 When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near. 21 Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those in the city get out, and let those in the country not enter the city. 22 For this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written. 23 How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people. 24 They will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.

25 There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 26 People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. 27 At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

Up to verse 24 He is  speaking about the time the Romans took over the city and destroyed it. The description could not be more accurate as to what eventually did happen.

Come to verse 25 and He has jumped forward 2000 years - from 70 A.D. to now.

He is now speaking nations - in plural - not just Israel.

He is speaking of signs in the sun, moon and stars as well as the roaring an tossing of the sea - which do not apply at all at the time and place of the events which took place in verses 20-24 in the year 70 A.D.

 Logically people will faint from terror because all of this (verses 25 through 28) is happening at the very End of These Times which is why He ends His prophecy with: "...they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."

To the casual reader He is speaking about the same time and, because of the apparent incoherence, dismiss the entire text as just another "symbolic tirade".

His point, however, is that what happened to Jerusalem in the year 70 A.D. will happen to the whole world now and for the exact same reasons.... for having rejected Him - which is, in effect, rejecting the Word of God.

Published on August 30th, 2014 [
Mary, Health of the Sick (Saturday before last Sunday in August)]

From miguel de Portugal

In the last post of the Private FYI&R we spoke about a passage from the Gospel according to Luke, chapter 21 which, to the casual reader could appear that Jesus was speaking about the same time period and, because of the apparent incoherence, dismiss the entire text as just another "symbolic tirade".

As we indicated then: His point, however, was that what happened to Jerusalem in the year 70 A.D. will happen to the whole world in the future and for the exact same reasons....

Now, if we continue through verses 29 to 37, which correspond to the next daily Mass Gospel - and which the faithfuil seldom hear since Daily Mass is sparsely attended - we see the confirmation that He was indeed speaking of the End of These Times in the second half of the verses already presented in last post.

29 He told them this parable: “Look at the fig tree and all the trees. 30 When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near. 31 Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near.

32 Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. 33 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

34 Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. 35 For it will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth. 36 Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.

First, He clearly states that, if we recognize the signs He spoke about in the earlier verses, we should recognize that we are there already.

Then He says "this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened" which people assume as the generation He was a part of at about 30 A.D. This reinforces the tendency for the faithful to dismiss the entire text as just another "symbolic tirade".

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! He is  speaking of the generation - ours! - when....

24 ....the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. 25 There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 26 People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. 27 At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.

Then He concludes His instructions for "that generation", which is ours, thus...

34 Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. 35 For it will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth. 36 Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.

Now, do you fully understand why we continue to blow the warning trumpets? All He wants to do through miguel de Portugal is to make sure "that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man."

Whether those warning trumpets are heeded is out of His Hands, and, logically out of ours. The free will of each soul will determine the action to take.

As the First Reading for the Mass.....
in Memory of the Martyrdom of John the Baptist was being read, we noticed, for the fist time, something very interesting and quite consoling.

[17] Thou therefore gird up thy loins, and arise, and speak to them all that I command thee. Be not afraid at their presence: for I will make thee not to fear their countenance. [18] For behold I have made thee this day a fortified city, and a pillar of iron, and a wall of brass, over all the land, to the kings of Juda, to the princes thereof, and to the priests, and to the people of the land. [19] And they shall fight against thee, and shall not prevail: for I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee. [Jeremiah 1]

After having been part of this particular Mass at least 28 times since his conversion, it was in the year 2014 that miguel de Portugal realized that the priests were specifically named to also be the object of what Jeremiah spoke in the Name of God.

Quite consoling and reassuring indeed.

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