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Published on June 8th, 2013 [Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary]

From miguel de Portugal

For the last several days the key US and World news outlets have been highlighting the wide-ranging official eavesdropping by the US authorities on phone and internet traffic. (1a) (1b)

It all can be traced back to the Patriot Act, which was enacted after the tragic September 11, 2001 events. Events which, according to the Road Map For National Security :  Imperative For Change (2a), seemed to be a perfect catalyst for said proposals to be acceptable to the US voters. Surely, it must have been a fortuitous coincidence, although others think differently.

We have covered that fortuitous coincidence several times more than ten years ago (2b).

Then, Lee Penn, starting in 2003, prepared a number of articles (3) illustrating what the advancement of technology and the Road Map For National Security :  Imperative For Change (2a) mentality would do to individual freedoms and privacy.

Therefore, we ask: What's all the fuss about? If all of that had not happened - that would have been the surprise!

Was Noah and his family surprised when the skies opened and flooded the Earth?

Do you now see why we had no compunctions about withdrawing the Private FYI&R page from our Domain and, instead, are now mailing it to those who wished to receive it? Since we certainly want the official authorities to be informed of what we publish, most specially on the Private FYI&R, and since we know that our e-mails are monitored by them, we were just preventing the curious and those with tabloid mentality - not to mention the "seers" and "visionaries" who get their information from our pages - from reading what we published on this forum.
(1a) Example 1
(1b) Example 2
(2a) Road Map For National Security : Imperative For Change (Please note date of publication and particularly the contents of page vi)
(2b) For example.

Lawless Politics; Lawless Technology - Asserting the “Will to Power” in Government and in the Laboratory (2003)

When the State Becomes God - A Warning Against the Emerging Police State (2004)

From Liberty to Leviathan - Global Moves Toward Tyranny, War, and Coercive Utopianism (2006)

The Techno-Utopians  - "Advances" in High-Tech Surveillance, Torture, and Brainwashing (2007)

The Sunset of Liberty in the United States - Both Parties Set the Stage for Tyranny (Spring 2008)

The Twilight of Freedom - Both Parties Continue to Set the Stage for Tyranny (Fall 2008)

From (Mr.) WS @ US

In reference to your comments about private e-mail accounts for government officials....

There is a funded account for mail called Indicia, envelopes already indicating the stamp was paid for, that the State Department and other agencies use.  As for privacy in an open democratic government,  the Preamble to the US Constitution, which people of my generation, the Fifties and Sixties had to memorize, "We the People... in order to promote a more perfect union, establish..., insure..., provide..., and promote... do ordain and establish this Constitution..."

As far as I able to tell the Constitution does not state a right to privacy for elected, appointed or employed Federal Officials.

We the People have rights of privacy : "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, BUT UPON PROBABLE CAUSE,  supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." The Fourth Amendment.

I rest my case.


A. Thank you for your feedback although we have missed the point that you are making.

The issue at hand is the prevention from an onslaught of worthless e-mails to public officials.

As we stated, if there is a valid complain, the paper-envelope-stamp technique is the best. Of course, their postal address and official e-mail address must be part of the public record, but not their working e-mail accounts.

For example: The State Department must publish its postal address as well as their official e-mail address(es); however, the e-mail address that top officials use as they conduct their day to day business should not be made public to avoid clogging their in boxes.

It is not a matter of privacy; it is a matter of expediency.

Now, were there a legal issue, said private e-mail accounts must be available to the investigators and the judiciary but not to every proverbial Tom, Dick and Harry or media hounds!

Published on June 6th, 2013

From miguel de Portugal

Probably the most difficult, yet clear, teaching of Jesus Christ is the praying for and wishing well to our enemies and persecutors.

If most Christians would practice such teaching, as if their lives depended on it (and, in many cases, it does), evil in the world would be under tight control.

There are some circumstances where one can add to one's defenses by taking this or that Christian action, in addition to the prayers but, there are cases where the situation is so explosive that even the most sincere Christian action/gesture, short of prayer, could unleash tremendous damage on all concerned. It is in those cases when praying for our enemies and persecutors is most necessary.

If one refers to our document which shows that there is no reincarnation and explains how loves works (1), the above would be better understood. When one of those "filters" we speak about, is loaded with a deadly charge - only prayer can disarm it.

Now, what about an evil acting individual who is not among the Elect? That is - he/she is marked for hell. In this case all the prayers in the world could not change that, however, said individuals can be "bound" by the prayers in a way that they cannot harm the object of their hate.

Imagine an invisible straight jacket which is fitted on said individual via our prayers in response to what Jesus taught us. He/she may be "foaming at the mouth" with the desire of hurting the object of their hate/disdain but.... that invisible straight jacket prevents them for acting out that hate.

I hope that we have made the above clear and understandable. The knowledge is crystal clear within my heart but that does not necessarily guarantee that I can explain it with words.

(1) Document

Published on June 4th, 2013

From (Mrs.) KH @ US

Thank you! for your May 30th post (1) about the Book of Sirach (Book of Ecclesiasticus).

I have always loved the Book of Sirach and noted also its author, as it spoke very deeply to me at the beginning of my conversion, and still does.

I have lamented many times that protestants are missing out on a wonderful book of wisdom.

When I first began reading the Bible, it taught me that Wisdom was more precious than pearls and one should do anything she needed to do to get it, because if I possessed wisdom, I could better understand God's Word, God's ways, even on a very small scale, as no one can truly know the mind of God in all His depths.

So I dove into the Wisdom books, including Sirach and Proverbs, and Wisdom, and soon, Bible scholars were telling me I had wisdom. Ironically, some of them were protestant, and were depriving themselves of the very knowledge they admired in me, because they rejected some of those books. Amazing!


Thank you for sharing with us your experiences and journey through Biblical Wisdom.

It is indeed a shame that Protestants as well as Jews are depriving themselves from such treasures. However, Catholics are also being deprived for great portions of it.

Through the courtesy and hard work of Mrs. RM one can see how much of the Book of Ecclesiasticus is being omitted from Mass readings. (2)

(1) Referred to Post
(2) Omitted readings from the Book of Ecclesiasticus

From miguel de Portugal

Regarding the symbolic fulfillment of Prophecies - we wish to explain this phenomena further.

When we read about the plagues God unleashed, using natural means, upon the Pharaoh at the time of Moses, we tend to think that: (a) They were manifested one right after the other; and (b) They were purely supernatural occurrences.

We do not realize that, if there had been the instant communication network that we have today, many in the world would have expected that, whichever was the latest prophecy announced by Moses, was going to affect them too. Let us not forget that Egypt was then "the center of the world"; pretty much as the U.S. has been for some decades.

We cannot expect that every prophetic calamity that must take place at the End of These Times will directly affect the entire world. The only prophetic event that will affect the entire world, as it did in what we know as Noah's Ark, will be the climax of the Chastisement; a Chastisement that commenced with the actions of Lenin and Hitler as the result of the disobedience of those to whom God had entrusted the task to avert. (1)

We should view each major disaster that the world has been living through - at an ever increasing tempo - for the last two to three decades as part of the Chastisement for our crimes against God.

As the already manifested Biblical prophecies should have taught us, God will allow prophecies to be fulfilled through: (a) whatever He deems appropriate for the time; (b) under the current circumstances of the time; and (c) of a magnitude proportional to the action taken by man to avert it.

I pray that the above has completely clarified this issue for all.
(1) Key Divine requests ignored

Published on June 1st, 2013 [First Saturday of the Month]

From miguel de Portugal

The original document addressing the establishment of a One/New World Order (1) was published in the Spring of 1993.

Said document has been updated to reflect the effect of humanity's responses to actions taken by God in an effort to minimize humanity's suffering, while Divine Justice is dispensed and Prophecy is fulfilled.

As we announced years ago, God shortened the lengthy period of tribulations by delaying until 2008 the events that were to commence in 1998 .  (Gorbachev, without realizing it, pointed out back in 2001 (2).) miguel de Portugal had known of the delay since May 1997; however, at that time he was not aware of the length of the period granted.

Humanity has utilized this period of Divine Grace to pervert itself further, instead of turning back to God. The acceleration of the perversion has been such that unless God shortened the time [Matthew 24:22] even the Elect (3) would be lost.

In the meantime, God has been symbolically fulfilling (4) many of the Prophesied events announced in our original Sequence of Events (5), originally published in 1992. A typical one seems to have been the 9-11 events, which may have taken the place of the literal fulfillment of Step No. 1 of the Sequence of Events.

In August 19, 2010, at the prompting from God, we published an announcement (6) which had, at its core, the following information:

Please be advised that: The Warning, Miracle and Sign announced at the time of the Garabandal phenomena (7) at San Sebastián de Garabandal, Spain, between 1961 and 1965 may not come to pass in the manner in which they were announced then.

There is a very real possibility that the world is heading, without further ado, directly into the Chastisement (8), which was announced in Garabandal and Akita (9), and which we have independently confirmed several times since 1992.

Over the years we have issued NOTES (10) in an attempt to help our readership to understand all that was taking place in the world - specifically, the continuing changes on the "chess board" of the world as God acted - then man reacted - then God acted again - then man reacted again - then....etc.  Remember that we have referred to this situation in the past as a three-dimensional chess game plus one additional dimension - time.

For the concluding statements which follow the above introduction, Click Here

(1) Original Document
(2) Gorbachev denounces delay of One World Order 
(3) The Selection of the Elect
(4) The Updated Sequence 
(5)  Original Sequence of Events
(6) An Announcement
(7) Garabandal
(8) This may be the way it will be manifested
(9) Akita
(10)  NOTES

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