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Published on October 1st, 2013  [Feast of the Veil of Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos (Celebrated by the Orthodox Church)]

Religious Dates of Note for October

1st      Feast of the Veil of Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos (Celebrated by the Orthodox Church)

2nd     Guardian Angels

4th      First Friday of the Month and Traditional Catholic Church Day of Thanksgiving

5th      First Saturday of the Month

7th      Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

11th    [Feast of the Motherhood of Mary]

12th    Our Lady of the Pilar (Saragossa)

13th    The Miracle at Fatima

15th    St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila) and 
           Eid al-Adha - Feast of Sacrifice or Day of Sacrifice - (It recalls the day when Abraham intended to follow the instructions of God, and sacrifice his son Ishmael (*).)

16th   [Feast of Mary's Purity]

18th    St. Luke - Evangelist

20th   [Mary, Wonderful Mother]

28th   Sts. Simon and Jude - Apostles and [Mary, Mother of the Dying] (4th Sunday in October)

(*) Note that according to the Muslim Holy Texts - the Qur'an - God asked Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael, the son he had with Sarah's Egyptian slave, Agar, and not Isaac, as it really was.

Published on October 3rd, 2013

From (Mrs.) LM @ US

When I read September 12th scripture -  Luke 6:27-38 - from a Catholic Resource and the New American Bible, I went to post it on my FB page and saw that the Douay Rheims versions reads a little differently.  Is it possible for you to give a reflection on the connotations of the different readings.  To me it puts some of it into a who new light, and I do not want to be off track.  
This is the Douay version:

29 And to him that striketh thee on the one cheek, offer also the other. And him that taketh away from thee thy cloak, forbid not to take thy coat also. 30 Give to every one that asketh thee, and of him that taketh away thy goods, ask them not again.
This is the New American version:

29 Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your [p]coat, do not withhold your [q]shirt from him either. 30 Give to everyone who asks of you, and whoever takes away what is yours, do not demand it back.
If Douay Rheims is the more accurate translation, it is good that Christians do not have to be doormats. It gives the "suffering servant," a different twist. I posted the Douay Rheims version to my FB page.


Actually it seems that both versions tell Christians to become doormats, which is not true. The real message lies precisely in the two verses that you skipped - 27 and 28.

27 But I say to you that hear: Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you. 28 Bless them that curse you, and pray for them that calumniate you.

Those apparently outrageous doormat behavioral statements are just symbolic illustrations to understand the real meaning of: Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you. Bless them that curse you, and pray for them that calumniate you - which are the cornerstones of the Message of Christ.

In case anyone doubts what we have just explained in the Name of God think about this. When Jesus was in the Garden pondering about what was coming upon He said:

41 And he was withdrawn away from them a stone' s cast; and kneeling down, he prayed, 42 Saying: Father, if thou wilt, remove this chalice from me: but yet not my will, but thine be done. 43 And there appeared to him an angel from heaven, strengthening him. And being in an agony, he prayed the longer. 44 And his sweat became as drops of blood, trickling down upon the ground.

That is, if seeking and encouraging abuse is the Christian way, Jesus would not make the above statements in the Garden; instead, He would have given more ideas to His captors on how they could make Him suffer more. He was teaching us to (a) Seek relief from any suffering; while always (b) Deferring to the Will of God.

While on the subject of apparently impossible-to-live teachings....

When Peter asked Jesus how many times we should forgive an offender, He tells us that: I say not to thee, till seven times; but till seventy times seven times.

The only symbolism in His statement here was the "seventy times seven times", since we must forgive without limit - not just 70 x 7 = 490 times.

The secret of this other apparent doormat attitude is the following....

Say that a trusted friend has betrayed your trust. Of course, you must forgive him but that formerly trusted friend needs to start regaining your trust and confidence from "Ground Zero". It is not as if nothing has happened.

If eventually said individual seems to keep falling the same way, you still sincerely forgive him but part company/association with him/her. Were him/her an employee and you are called by his next potential employer seeking references, you must be fair and inform his/her next potential employer of his recurring problem.

We must keep in mind that when our behavior consciously allows others to sin, we share in the consequences of said sin(s) before the Throne of God. Mankind better mind that piece of mystical theology because that it is just the way it is!

Which brings us right back to you original question.... If we allow and/or encourage others to abuse us, we are consciously allowing him/her to sin. The physical damages that we will endure by allowing such behavior will be minor compared with the consequences of our contribution to his/her sinning.

It is that simple and coherent.

We thank you for the opportunity to share this information with our readership, as well as for the opportunity given myself to learn about it.... since I did not have an idea on how to answer your question until I started to do so and He took over.

This is why we keep repeating... all Honor and Glory is His. I am just a "gofer" and I would not want it any other way!   That would be like giving up the Google equivalent of the Universe for He has all the answers!

Published on October 5th, 2013 [First Saturday of the Month]

From (Dr.) IW @ Cuba

In reference to what you have published regarding Francis, Bishop of Rome...

A few days ago I came across a bestseller published in 1996 whose original title is The Windswept House (0) written by Malachi Martin. According to the book. he was born in 1921 and was recognized as an eminent theologian and former Jesuit as well as a close associate of John XXIII and Cardinal Augustin Bea between 1958 and 1964.

The core of the plot is based on a conspiracy of senior political, financial and religious order after the Cold War, and, with the purpose of establishing a global society, they plan to seize the power in the Vatican.

The story shows John XXIII not revealing the Third Part of the Secret of Fatima with the purpose of  not damaging its relations with Russia on the eve of Vatican II , as he had the aspiration that the Second Vatican Council involve some Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church .

Later on Malachi Martin does a brief recount where he mentions Paul VI , John Paul I and John Paul II. About the last two he says that, when they were chosen, the "string pullers" tried to get "a docile Pope", but the matter got out of hand in both cases .

The Windswept House story takes place during the tenure of John Paul II and it seems that the conspiracy seeks to achieve his resignation so that he could be replaced with another one who would allow the elimination of both religious and political sovereignty of the Vatican.  In turn, create a kind of collegiality among bishops (still existing a Pope, but with limited powers ) that breaks Papal authority so that the Bishops recognize the Pope as the "Vicar of Peter" and not as the "Vicar of Christ". Then the Bishop assembly, all with equal rank, would be considered as "Collective Vicars of Christ " .

There would then be a democratic environment (doesn't it sound familiar?).

The central protagonism of the Vatican in religious affairs would be broken, and the Pope would no longer be the supreme pastor. He would also lose his sovereignty in political affairs.

In short - future in matters of Faith and Church governance would not have to be confirmed by the Pontiff for them to gain validity .

As you may see, there is an amazing match between what is happening right now under Francis and Malachi's "fiction."


Thank you for sharing your views and concerns with our readership. Above all - Thank you! for reminding us of Malachi Martin's book, which we read many years ago and quoted in a key document about One World Religion, (1) yet, had forgotten how well Martin's "fiction" matches Francis reality.

Although neither the One World Order (2) nor the One World Religion will reach their fulfillment, as we have expressed in the appropriate notes, their architects continue to work tirelessly to achieve them since the manifestation of the False Christ (3) is imperative - even if it were for a few hours or days - triggering the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

(0) Windswept House
(1) The Establishment of One World Religion
(2) The Establishment of One World Order
(3) The False Christ

Published on October 8th, 2013

From miguel de Portugal

I am "thinking aloud", as the saying goes, but we must and allow our readers to partake of this "thinking aloud" session so that they may draw their own conclusions.

In the last Private FYI&R page we spoke of the already forgotten book by Malachi Martin - Windswept House. In it, Dr. IW reminded us thus:

The Windswept House story takes place during the tenure of John Paul II and it seems that the conspiracy seeks to achieve his resignation so that he could be replaced with another one who would allow the elimination of both religious and political sovereignty of the Vatican.  In turn, create a kind of collegiality among bishops (still existing a Pope, but with limited powers ) that breaks Papal authority so that the Bishops recognize the Pope as the "Vicar of Peter" and not as the "Vicar of Christ". Then the Bishop assembly, all with equal rank, would be considered as "Collective Vicars of Christ " .

There would then be a democratic environment (doesn't it sound familiar?).

The central protagonism of the Vatican in religious affairs would be broken, and the Pope would no longer be the supreme pastor. He would also lose his sovereignty in political affairs.

In short - future in matters of Faith and Church governance would not have to be confirmed by the Pontiff for them to gain validity .

As you may see, there is an amazing match between what is happening right now under Francis and Malachi's "fiction."

Of course, it was not John Paul II who resigned as we requested on October 2002 (1), and as many thought he should (2). The memories that brought Dr. IW's letter continue to expand during our frequent prayer sessions. It was then when I remembered that:

1. As we announced years ago, God shortened the length of the period of tribulations by delaying until 2008 the events that were to commence in 1998 .  (Gorbachev, without realizing it, pointed it out back in 2001 (3).) miguel de Portugal had known of the delay since May 1997; however, at that time he was not aware of the length of the period granted.
2. The time for John Paul's resignation was to be in the year 2003 (1)(2) had the delay not been granted.
3. If the delay was to be of 10 years, it logically follows that the resigning of a "Pope" (4) would have to take place in the year 2013.... just as it did when Ratzinger resigned.

"They" continue with their plan (as Malachi Martin explained and Bergoglio is fulfilling) as if it were "Business As Usual". But as God reminded us through Habakkuk "if it make any delay, wait for it: for it shall surely come, and it shall not be slack."

That is, the "End Point" has not been changed. What has happened, as we have pointed out before, is that God has shortened the tribulations because: ....unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [Matthew 24:22]

Now, imagine if there had been a Bergoglio at work since 2003 - "no flesh should be saved" for all would have fallen for his satanic charm.

Well, what started in all sincerity as a "thinking aloud" session, may have become a prophetic update as to what is going on right now and how close we are to the End of These Times.

Let us continue to pray....

(1) miguel de Portugal Requests John Paul II to resign
(2) Gallup Poll on John Paul II's resignation.
(3) Gorbachev denounces delay of One World Order
(4) As we have stated before - by the year 2003  John Paul II no longer held the fabled Keys of the Kingdom, just as Ratzinger did not either.

From (Mr.) M @ Canada

Regarding news report on the Private News Commentary mailing dated October 4th, and which partially read:  In a recent incident bars of soap were nailed to the fence of a synagogue, a reference to the myth that Nazi's made soap out of those murdered in concentration camps.

It is not a myth that Germans made soap from human fat, just as human were used for stuffing mattresses and human skin (tattooed or not) was used for lampshades.

The only wastage was human life. Just visit Oswiecim ( Auchwitz ) or any other camp.


We never thought such atrocities were a myth. We just reprinted  the news report as it appeared. Right you are about:
The only wastage was human life. And to think that such atrocities could have been averted if those who profit from God and the Holy Virgin Mary had obeyed the very simple requests from Heaven. (1)

Ultimately they (2) are the ones responsible for the bloodiest century of known human history.

Thank you for the opportunity to stress the horrific fate of the lineage of Jesus as the result of the inaction of those who claim to represent Him..
(1) The simple requests from Heaven
(2) The Roman Catholic Church Administration

From (Mr.) IW @ US
[only part of the communication]

....As you pointed out, dying to ourselves is our biggest challenge. One of the most difficult parts of that process for me has always been surrendering my fear and trusting completely in Christ.
I've always wanted, so desperately, to control things - people, situations, my environment etc. I fooled myself into thinking that it would provide me with the safety and power I wanted but it was just an illusion. It was the same vain delusion that satan tempted Adam and Eve with - to be like God.

As God continues to draw me closer I know that He is asking for my complete and unconditional surrender to Him. Merging my will with His is what He's asking for. He's calling me back to that condition of perfect unity between God and man which existed before the fall. The Blessed Mother is our blueprint for the re-wiring of our fallen nature - I pray for the Grace to continue to follow Her example.

With everything else you have going on I would like to ask if you could offer a decade of one of your Rosaries for the ongoing conversion of my heart.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, especially now with all you have going on.


Your awareness of where you are "coming from" and the clarity of the changes required to reach "where you want to be at", compose your "First Class Ticket" to its fulfillment.

Your awareness of Who runs Heaven's "Help Desk" - our Heavenly Mother - makes it even easier.   As long as you never think that you've made it already, you are safe and moving in the right direction.

The requested prayers have already been offered in "triplicate".

May God continue to Bless your efforts and the efforts of all who sincerely strive to achieve the perfect unity between God and man that existed before the fall. There is no greater joy available to any human being than that!

Published on October 10th, 2013

From (Mr.) VJ @ US

I'm in agreement with many things you stated.

However, Genesis makes clear Eve was the mother of all living.

All humans share a common ancestry and blood line.


A. Perhaps you have not reviewed our documents dealing with the Eve of Genesis ( Part 1 and Part 2 ) as well as those dealing with Biblical Literalism and Symbolism ( Part 1 and Part 2).

If you have, and you insist on standing by the literal concept of a single Eve, we have no problem with that since: The key message of Creation, whether we understand as it happened exactly as Genesis states it or as it really happened, is the same:

(a) God created man to his own (spiritual) image: to the (spiritual) image of God he created him: male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27
(b) Adam and Eve believed the snares of satan and disobeyed God
(c) God's human creation lost Paradise

Moral of the story: It is always best to obey the simple Laws laid down for man by the One Who created him since He, the Creator, really know best!

Of course, the problem with such approach is when someone asks: Who did Cain marry? At which time, the literal interpretation of creation, as Genesis states it, collapses as the proverbial bricks wall erected without any mortar.

From miguel de Portugal

On the September 17th mailing of the Private News Commentary, we pointed out the fact that scientists now do not seem to agree whether the world is cooling down or warming up, and, if warming up, it is due to human activity.

We ended the post with: Our word for the climate scientists is: "Chill out" and start praying  - God calls the shots, did then and does now!.... and while you are "chilling out" - why don't you find out why the world population is being lied about the seismic activity in the world?

...while failing to point out a very important point regarding Global Warming.

In our document  regarding the Real Chronology and History of Creation we stated:

Somewhere between 10,500 BC and 9,500 BC, the event that is Biblically know as Noah's Flood took place. For our purposes, as stated at the beginning of this document, it is not necessary to pinpoint the exact date of that global cataclysm.

The Scriptures point out to us that God allowed the flood at the time of Noah because humanity had gone astray. We now know that it was a very advanced human civilization the one that had gone astray and which God destroyed to allow a new start to those who, like Noah, lived in accordance to the Laws of God.

Now then, if what we know as Noah's Flood was caused by the rapid melting of the ice....

9,500 BC (+/- 200 years) - Younger Dryas glacial period ends suddenly, and Earth goes back to warmth and moist climates (Holocene, or Stage 1)

[Half of the warming in this period took place in a brief span of 15 years..]

7,000 BC - 6,200 BC - Climates warmer and often moister than today's should logically follow that the sudden warming up was caused by the advanced civilization (which was destroyed at the time of what we know as Noah's Flood)  just as we are doing right now.

Therefore, I did not realize at the time that we had already published what appears to be the confirmation that Global Warming is indeed the result of our "advanced" human activity.

Which brings up to a point that we have alerted our readers about in the past....

From time to time we republish documents of years past. From our traffic statistics we notice that seldom those republished documents are read again since many of our readers believe that "they have been there and done that".

Imagine, if I, the instrument God used to compose said documents, have forgotten their very important content or its current implications, who is going to tell me that they do not need to at least glanced at them again?

Brethren, remember that "I am not on commission" and we do not advertise in our pages and get paid on a per click basis. We spend this time because it is the Will of God for your own good. I "get my points" by fulfilling His Will in publishing the information; what is done or not done with the information does not reflect in any way on my account in Heaven, but do not complain if you start hearing the Angelic Choirs, at the appropriate time, singing a medley of "I Told You So" and "You Should Have Known".

If I have offended anyone by our abruptness, I regret it but we would not change a word of it.... it was not my idea!

From (Mr.) WS @ US

I just read in the Washington Post (1):  Despite shutdown, work to resume this week on the long-stalled Mall flood control project.

My question is:  Is this about Global Warming or a Global Warning?


A. Most, most interesting!

Coupled with the Earthquake reports black out it becomes even more intersting!
(1) Source

Published on October 12th, 2013

Have you heard that....

...the Vatican misspelled "Jesus" on 6,000 medals? (1)

You'd think if anyone was going to misspell the name of God's son, it wouldn't be the Vatican. But some 6,000 gold, silver, and bronze medals to commemorate Pope Francis have been recalled after a misspelling in a Latin phrase turned Jesus into Lesus, der Spiegel reports.

The mistake wasn't actually caught until four of the medals, made by the Italian State Mint, had already been sold,....

Comments: When we say that God is using every imaginable channel to warn His children we are obviously not exaggerating!
(1) News Report

From (Mr.) VJ @ US

In reference to your response to my earlier letter  (mailed through the Private FYI&R channel on October 10th.)...

I think I accidentally, and prematurely, sent you an e-mail.

As I was about to say - the law forbidding certain marital union with close relatives came well after Abraham married his half sister. Eve came from Adam so he married his own body which was closer than brother and sister. I do take this literally.

I find it much more problematic to not do so. 

However, Genesis makes clear Eve was the mother of all living.


Our position was made clear on our first response - up to and including:

If you have, and you insist on standing by the literal concept of a single Eve, we have no problem with that since: The key message of Creation, whether we understand as it happened exactly as Genesis states it or as it really happened, is the same:

(a) God created man to his own (spiritual) image: to the (spiritual) image of God he created him: male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27
(b) Adam and Eve believed the snares of satan and disobeyed God
(c) God's human creation lost Paradise

If it is easier for you to view it literally, as we said: That is not a problem because the message is the same.

The problem with whichever is the way one views the Holy Scriptures comes when one insists in imposing his/her views/interpretation on the rest. This behavior goes directly against the fundamental principle of God's Creation: Free Will.

That is why we have clearly stated in miguel de Portugal's brief biographical sketch:

Should you believe what miguel de Portugal says through the pages of The M+G+R Foundation?

You do not have to believe it. What is written is only for those who have Eyes to see and who have Ears to hear. Woe to miguel if he does not speak loud and clear. Nothing has changed in the manner in which God has communicated with His children through his prophets throughout recorded history and before.

Thank you for the opportunity to remind one and all that the imposition of one views upon others is not of God.

From (Mrs.) MRP @ US

Just to let you know that,  more often than not, the mail from The M+G+R Foundation winds up in my junk mail folder.
It just so happens that I check my junk mail folder every day, several times a day, and mark your mail as SAFE, but this may happen to other recipients as well, who probably never even check their junk mail folder.


A. Thank you for letting us know so that we may alert others.

Published on October 15th, 2013 [Memorial of St. Teresa de Jesus (de Avila)]

From miguel de Portugal


We finally address this issue  head on.

Did you know that.....

The purity of the Scriptural source utilized by the Roman Catholic Church Administration is being compromised?

Take a look, and decide for yourself.

A reminder from a Gospel of last week....

While Jesus was speaking, a woman from the crowd called out and said to him, "Blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts at which you nursed." He replied, "Rather, blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it." [Lk 11:27-28]

Over twenty years ago, as miguel de Portugal was driving to the St. Thomas University chapel in Houston for an evening of reparation before the exposed Blessed Sacrament, he was praying the Rosary. A particular decade was going to be offered as Reparation for the great sorrows of our Heavenly Mother. While he was stating the purpose of the decade he said something like "How could we possible console Your sorrows?"

Her response was fast, loud and clear: "The greatest consolation that can be offered to Me is the living of the Gospel of My Son."

It is that simple!

May those who have ears, Hear! and eyes, See!

Published on October 17th, 2013

Some interesting Biblical facts

A. Many often mock the Bible as a figment of collective imaginations without much (if any) historical confirmation. Next time that you hear that, remind them that the most famous and successful general of known history, Alexander the Great, is the star of the first chapter of the First Book of Of Machabees:

[1] Now it came to pass, after that Alexander the son of Philip the Macedonian, who first reigned in Greece, coming out of the land of Cethim, had overthrown Darius king of the Persians and Medes: [2] He fought many battles, and took the strong holds of all, and slew the kings of the earth: [3] And he went through even to the ends of the earth, and took the spoils of many nations: and the earth was quiet before him. [4] And he gathered a power, and a very strong army: and his heart was exalted and lifted up. [5] And he subdued countries of nations, and princes: and they became tributaries to him.

[6] And after these things, he fell down upon his bed, and knew that he should die. [7] And he called his servants the nobles that were brought up with him from his youth: and he divided his kingdom among them, while he was yet alive. [8] And Alexander reigned twelve years, and he died. [9] And his servants made themselves kings every one in his place: [10] And they all put crowns upon themselves after his death, and their sons after them many years, and evils were multiplied in the earth.

...and Hollywood had nothing to do with that!

B. Not only did the Ark of the Covenant go missing at the time Jeremiah, when he hid it in a hollow cave (2 Mac. 2:1-7) (1) but many books/texts quoted in the Old Testament have never been found either, so far. For example:

* Book of the Wars of the Lord (mentioned in Numbers 21:14)

* Book of the Just (mentioned in Jos. 10:13 & 2 Sam 1:18)

* Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel (mentioned in 1 Kings 14:29 & 2 Kings 1:18)

* Book of Samuel the Seer (mentioned in 1 Chron. 29:29 & 1 Sam 10:25)

* Book of Nathan the Prophet (mentioned in 1 Chron. 29:29 & 2 Chron. 9:29)

* Book of Semeias the Prophet (mentioned in 2 Chron. 12:15)

* Book of Jehu, son of Hanani (mentioned in 2 Chron. 20:34)

* Book of Ahaias the Silonite (mentioned in 2 Chron. 9:29)

* The Vision of Addo the Seer (mentioned in 2 Chron. 9:29)

* Acts of Ozias, written by Isaiah (mentioned in 2 Chron. 26:22)

* Lamentations of Jeremiah (for Josias) (mentioned in 2 Chron. 35:25)

* Memoirs of Jeremiah (mentioned in 2 Mac. 2:1)

* Acts of John (mentioned in 1 Mac. 16:24)

* Five Books of Jason of Cyrene (mentioned in 2 Mac. 2:24)

It is interesting to note that no one has tried to falsify any of them (yet!) to give some sort of un-Holy spin to the Old Testament.
(1) This "last appearance" of the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament does not match at all with the myth that the Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia. As the story goes, the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheeba took the Ark of the Covenant to Africa to protect it with one of the many assaults that the Keepers of the Ark experienced since it came to be.

Solomon reigned from 1015 to 975 BC (according to Ussher's accounting) with the Queen of Sheeba visiting him on 995 BC. 

Jeremiah's period of activity spanned from 628 to 586 BC. We have a 400 year gap between the time the Ark is said to have left for Africa and the time Jeremiah hid it in a hollow cave in the mountain "where Moses went up, and saw the inheritance of God."

But we digress.... and besides, facts "do not sell", romantic and adventurous tales do.....

From (Mrs.) IW @ US

In your recent personal communication you wrote:

In addition - as we approach the Hour of Mercy - during the last seven minutes before the Hour,  I offer two extra decades (Via Crucis and Crucifixion) of the Rosary with the intent of: (a) consoling His sorrow as He found Himself, in the Garden, abandoned by all of His Apostles and by most of His followers at the foot of the Cross; (b) profound thanksgiving for the tremendous suffering He endured to give us the opportunity to return to Paradise. (I do not think that many really meditate about those two issues. They are powerful enough to keep anyone who believes the reality of Jesus from most sins.)

He has frequently indicated to me that those seven minutes of prayer, as we ramp up to the time of His expiration on the Cross prayer (You expired Jesus, but the source of Life gushed forth for souls..., etc.) are greatly appreciated and important.

May I join you in the recitation of the 4th and 5th Sorrowful Mysteries as you revealed?   


A. Please do! We encourage each one of our readers to join in too.

If the Faithful really understood the power of prayer, they would have a very difficult time in trying to do anything else but pray. This is why God only gives us a glimpse of its effect. We could not possibly deal with the full reality while encased in our human garb.

Published on October 19th, 2013

From miguel de Portugal

A. Remember that.... When we read in the Holy Scriptures something like: "....all this was done that it might be fulfilled which the Lord spoke by the prophet" it does not mean that those, whose actions caused the fulfillment of the prophecy, are conscious of it at the time. They may become aware of it at a later time and/or the teller of the story may state it explaining as to why "this" or "that" took place, but man is not to act on his own to cause the fulfillment of prophecy.

This I know because God has given it to me and then confirmed it by a string of events/circumstances of my life which I only became aware, always, after the fact.

The only exception is, of course, the awareness the Jesus Christ had of His Mission among men. Not even Mary had such awareness - only God.

B. We have simplified and clarified our documents regarding the establishment of One World Religion and One World Order since their original wording, combined with the events unfolding and our frequent commentaries on the subject could cause confusion.

In a nutshell, just because God will not allow the full fulfillment of either One World Religion or One World Order, the poor fools trying to establish them have not given up their effort. They will continue all the way up to the point where God will allow them to be crushed under the weight of their arrogance and then, swept away.

We recommend a review of the simplified version of One World Religion and then the updated version of One World Order.

C. We must keep very much in mind that when Jesus said: But he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven. [Matthew 10:33] He was, and is!, referring to "denial" by action and not necessarily by words. Most of those who claim to be Christians by word deny Him by their actions.

D. It is now the appropriate time that we remind our readers of two very low profile (mostly ignored), yet tremendously important, messages Mary delivered in Fatima.

When Lucia asked Mary, during Her first manifestation on May 13, 1917:

(a) If little Francisco was going to go to Heaven too (just as She has said Lucia and Jacinta would), Mary said: "Yes, but he will have to pray many Rosaries."
(b) If two of her friends who had already passed away were in Heaven. Regarding the first friend, Maria das Neves,  who died at around 16 years of age, Mary said: "Yes, she is."

When Lucia asked about the other friend, Amelia, who died at an age that Lucia estimated to have been between 18 and 20 years old, Mary said: "She will be in Purgatory until the End of the World."

We must remember that Francisco, by today's standards, would have been considered a "human angel", a "living saint", yet he had " pray many Rosaries" to make it to Heaven and, Amelia, a girl from a backward village in a very backward country.... how much could she have sinned by the time she died to merit her being  " Purgatory until the End of the World."?

May the above reminders illustrate why we keep exhorting one and all to pray, pray and pray some more, while striving with all of our hearts to be Perfect as the Father is Perfect and to remember the commitment made with God every time the Lord's Prayer is offered. We can, in effect, minimize the time those who must go through Purgatory spend there. It does not matter whether we know them or not - we owe it to each other, and above all, we owe it to God!

Let us pray....

Published on October 22nd, 2013

Regarding the recent request for Feedback...

God is truly amazing!

Yahoo Mail decided to "improve" their service, without informing its clients, and they stopped forwarding any e-mail that was addressed to our Yahoo account. The only response to our Feedback request that we received was the 13th one sent and which, through the Grace of God, made it into our system. As we said in afollow up e-mail: 

God has responded to my request for feedback via the only single response to our request that we have received in 24 hours and which reached us just a few hours after our request went out.

As it turned out, what we accepted as God's response via Mrs. ER's e-mail was essentially endorsed, at times verbatim, by everyone else who wrote, but whose e-mail reached our hands after we had recognized Mrs. ER's response as the Will of God.

In conclusion: Nothing will be changed. We will continue the publications and their contents essentially as we have until now.

In the original mailing I stated:  After we have all of the feedback, we will then explain why He requested it...

I will explain that now.....

Because of my great concern about doing His Will and staying out of His way, I continuously question/test my every motive. As you may have heard me say before: "I don't trust myself, I only trust God."  Therefore, the question that had been dancing around my head was: "Am I doing exactly what He Will that I do regarding the Domains and mailings? Is my "self" interfering/coloring the output without me realizing it?"

The manner He chose to use so that I would  "lay to rest" those concerns, which were interfering with my functioning, was speaking to me through you - collectively.

To underscore His response further - the Yahoo mail problem "coincided" with the Feedback request and only one e-mail reached our hands in 24 hours; a message which for various reasons/signs I recognized as a clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. Then, only after we sent to you the second e-mail I realized that there was an e-mail problem and there were dozens of Feedback e-mails awaiting to be read - but in the wrong In Box. Once they were reviewed, we found out that Mrs. ER's response was a most accurate summary of all the Feedback received.

Frankly, after 28 years of this, God always leaves me speechless.... but with much gratitude silently pouring forth from my heart and soul.

May He Be Praised Eternally for He Is Truly Worthy of All!

From miguel de Portugal

There are many Scriptural readings that most remember reading without really understanding their meaning nor how what they tell/warn us about could possibly happen.

At the top of that list is the following reading from the Gospel of Luke:

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through places without water, seeking rest; and not finding, he saith: I will return into my house whence I came out. And when he is come, he findeth it swept and garnished.

Then he goeth and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and entering in they dwell there. And the last state of that man becomes worse than the first. [Luke 11:24-26]

Once we explain, through the Grace of God, how it could possibly - and frequently! - happen, said reading will become like a warning beacon reminding us of our weak human nature. (We are using actual real life situations.)

Case One

A young woman who has been made to believe that she is unattractive and uniteresting - in spite of the fact that she is most attractive and has a very engaging personality.

This young lady will be shy, somewhat withdrawn and tend to behave as the proverbial floor mat. Of course, the world reacts to such characteristics in a negative way reinforcing her lack of self worth.

Then, one day, she runs into an individual (male or female), whom God has placed on her path to help her to see herself as she really is; to help her have a healthy and realistic valuation of her self worth so that she may be all that God intended her to be when He created her.

Once she wakes up from such deep slumber, and sees herself as she really was created, she starts a new life. Realizing now her "power" over others, instead of using it for the Glory of God and the spiritual benefit of all.... which will, without fail, benefit her in all aspects, she becomes a "professional heart breaker", "bed hopper" and betrayer of her female friends as well as a psychological abuser of her male suitors.

As you can see, she has ended far worse that she ever was. Easily seven times worse (.....he goeth and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and entering in they dwell there.)

Case Two

A young man, who has been shy all his life, has low self worth and has kept to himself most of his life due to his fear of rejection/criticism. He then experiences a conversion.

God immediately starts "working with him" intending to shape and develop him into the person that He had created him for.

As God work on this young man's soul proceeds, he gains confidence and self respect. He sees his "new me" reflected on the behavior of others towards the "new him" to the point of almost becoming enebriated with himself.

Soon, as the young woman of Case One, he starts deviating from the path that God had set for him and for which He had rescued him via a Conversion experience. As he deviates from that path, he starts falling into the darker areas into which humanity is submerged and, the moment that starts happenning is when the dark spirit that was in him before being evicted by his conversion decides to  "....go and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and entering in they dwell there."

It theo-logically follows that, if he does not reverse his behavior, he will end up in a far worse situation that before his conversion.

In both situations - Cases One and Two - the negative outcome is enhanced because:

But he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. [Luke 12:48]

If they had stayed where they were at the beginning, they would " beaten with few stripes" because they "...knew not" but, after having seen the Light and allowed in " other spirits more wicked than himself,....", and " of him much shall be required..." .

Summarizing: When we misuse/misapply the Graces granted by God, we are inviting in " other spirits more wicked than,...." the one that was ejected when God granted us said Graces.

Remember, we do not pass judgment - We just remind the world of the Divine Laws and how they are applied - using the Holy Scriptures as the concrete manfestation of  Divine Wisdom.

Published on October 24th, 2013

From (Mr.) KF @ Ireland

The following prayer, from Our Lady of Akita, may be of some use to those who are unable to receive a validly Consecrated Host in these times (of what is essentially a Vatican generated global Eucharistic famine):

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,TRULY present in the Holy Eucharist, I consecrate my body and soul to be entirely one with Your Heart, being sacrificed at every instant on all the altars of the world, and giving praise to the Father, pleading for the coming of His Kingdom.
Please receive this humble offering of myself. Use me as Thou wilt for the Glory of the Father and for the salvation of souls.

Most Holy Mother of God, never let me be separated from Thine Divine Son.
Please defend and protect me as Thy special child.


The greatest difficulty and attacks which I am experiencing today are coming (predictably!) from those who are choosing to go along with the Bergoglio deception. They attack the warnings of Jesus and Mary and even the Gospel prophecies themselves.

I stay away from church as a result. I know of no priest who would assist me/even give me a validly consecrated Host or be a confessor to me, despite my prayers.

I would appreciate your prayers as I am not staying away from church intentionally but because I feel I no longer have a church to go to. I do not feel that the new mass (of Ratzinger) is the True Mass.

I would go otherwise and anyway I cannot listen to praises from the altar concerning how wonderful Pope Francis is. I offer the above prayer instead.


Excellent suggestion to which we would like to add some prayers offered by miguel on a daily basis:

As preambles:

Act Of Faith

Lord Jesus Christ, I firmly believe that You are truly present in the Blessed Sacrament as true God and true Man, with Your Body, Blood and Divinity, My Redeemer and my Judge, I adore Your Divine Majesty together with the angels and saints.  I believe, O Lord; increase my faith.

Of Hope

Good Jesus, in You alone I place all my hope.  You are my salvation and my strength, the Source of all good.  Through Your Mercy, through Your Passion and Death, I hope to obtain the pardon of my sins, the grace of final perseverance and a happy eternity.

(the Akita prayer yo now offer inserted here)

As conclusion:

Prayers For Oneself and Our Brothers and Sisters
[a modified and authorized version of St. Gertrude's prayer]

Eternal Father, invoking the communion of saints, I offer The Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the merits of the Masses worthily offered throughout the world today, for the benefit of my soul, that of the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family.  Amen!  Amen!

Regarding the Sacrament of Reconciliation....

Conduct a good conscience review once a week, recognize before God your failings within the quietness of your heart and ask for His forgiveness. Offer a simple act of contrition and offer what He inspires you as penance.

A very effective daily prayer for our many neglects is:

A Daily Prayer For Our Many Neglects

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with all its love, all its sufferings and all its merits.

First -- To expiate all the sins I have committed this day and during all my life.


Second -- To purify the good I have done badly this day and during all my life.


Third -- To supply for the good I ought to have done, and that I have neglected this day and during all my life.


Your intentions, and those of our readers who are in the same situation and who would accept our offer, will be presented to the Eternal Father on the Mass we offer every morning, starting today.

(Mrs.) PD @ US

Have you ever heard of St. Gertrude and the prayers to release souls from purgatory?

Saint Gertrude The Great (and her miraculous chaplet)

Saint Gertrude was born January 6, 1256 in Germany. By 1261 as a student at the Benedictine abbey at Helfta in Saxony she had been placed in the care of the Abess, Gertrude. The nuns of Helfta described Gertrude as a lovable and quick-witted. At the age of 15 or 16 she entered the Benedictine community as a novice, where she eventually became a teacher at the school.
During one of her visions Jesus told St. Gertrude that the following prayer would release many souls from purgatory each time it is offered:

"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most precious blood of thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen".

Approval and Recommendation was by Cardinal Patriarch, Lisbon, Portugal, March 4, 1936.

If one prays the entire St. Gertrude Chaplet (see below), which is offered using an ordinary rosary, Our Lord releases many more souls from purgatory!


How to pray the Chaplet of Saint Gertrude

+ The Chaplet of Saint Gertrude is prayed on an ordinary Rosary.

+ Beginning at the Cross, pray the "Apostle's Creed".

+ This is followed by 1 "Our Father", 3 "Hail Mary" and 1 "Glory be".

+ Starting on the Medal and then on the 4 large beads between each decade (sets of 10 beads), pray the "Our Father."

+ On each of the small beads (in the sets of 10 beads), say the following prayer:

"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners in the universal Church, those in my own homel and within my family. Amen."

+ At the end of each set of 10 beads, say the following prayers:

+ "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, open the hearts and minds of sinners to the truth and light of God, the Father."

+ "Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for the conversion of sinners and the world."

+ Offer one Gloria and then on to the next large bead start again with the "Our Father".

Repeat above to the end of the Rosary.

A. We certainly endorse the above prayers. St. Gertrude has been a "personal friend" of miguel since she introduced herself to him sometime in 1991.

Published on October 26th, 2013

If Jesus Strongly Disapproved of the Jewish Temple Masters...

...and His human lineage is traced directly to Abraham, then one should ask: What was His religion?

Have you ever wondered why the much used and quoted parable of the Good Samaritan makes a point of highlighting the goodness and generosity of a Samaritan, as well as the indifference of  "a certain priest" and a "Levite"?  To the extent of using a Samaritan as an example of the fulfilling of Divine Law.

Through the Grace of God, you may now find out!

From miguel de Portugal

We have already acquired an original copy in Portuguese of the latest Fatima book which we recently mentioned:

October 7th News Report No. 1

Today, another Fatima book will see the light in Portugal. Its title is "Um Caminho sob o Olhar de Maria" - "A Walk Under Mary's Gaze".

We are looking forward to uncover what new twist the Fatima Manifestation and Messages are now being given. The book is being published by "the Carmelites" of the convent in Coimbra (Portugal) where Lucia lived until she crossed the veil. That is - "the Carmelites", with no one really taking responsibility for its contents and/or reliability.

It is based on Lucia's diary, now in possession of the Carmelites, and the word is that much of the information has never seen the light. (Why am I not surprised?)

It also contains 250 photographs - may of them are seeing the public light for the first time. (Thank you! Photo Shop?)

In other words, let us expect a major make over of the Fatima events custom tailored to what Bergoglio is doing from the Vatican. We will keep you informed since we will strive to get a copy of the book as soon as it arrives at the local bookstore.

Just by the looks of the book - much can be learned about who it was wriiten for. Even though is not a hard bound book, the price still is over $25 USD which is 2 % of the minimum wage in Portugal... for the few ones who are still employed. The credentials of the book - Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur - are given by  "the right" and very high profile Portuguese Hierarchs. Format, paper quality, Bibliography and Index are of a first class publication. The work is obviously for the Catholic elite (ruling class) in Portugal.

We have already spotted some crystal clear statements and quotes fully confirming our accusations about the falsified Third Part of the Secret and that the Roman Catholic Administration was fully responsible for World War II and the spread of communism. It will be interesting to see what exactly is the purpose of publishing yet one more book about Lucia and Fatima.

Once we finish reading it, we will share with you whatever we deem important for These Times, although we doubt that it will contain more important information than the confirmation of our accusations about the falsified Third Part of the Secret and that the Roman Catholic Administration was fully responsible for World War II and the spread of communism.

Published on October 29th, 2013

As we approach All Saints Day - November 1st....

Let us not forget what we can do for our brothers and sisters in Purgatory. These indulgences do work!

From (Mr.) JB @ US

After I read your recent News Report concerning the Knights of Columbus' documentary on Cardinal Bergoglio and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts with you.

Last week while reading various other spiritual and secular blog postings it suddenly struck me how similar the reaction to Cardinal Bergoglio's election to the papacy has been compared to that of President Obama's when he was elected in 2008.

I can remember the almost idolatrous way that so many Americans reacted when Senator Obama was elected. The reaction struck me as so disproportionate compared to what Mr. Obama had accomplished up until that point in time. The Senator was obviously intelligent and articulate but had accomplished little in his public life up to that point in his life (7 years as an Illinois state senator and 3 years as a US senator). I don't wish to demean President Obama's accomplishments, it's impressive to have graduated from Harvard law and been a state and US senator, but I had great difficulty finding what Mr. Obama had actually produced in his career that would warrant this huge surge in popular support.

Obviously what people were looking for wasn't someone with a track record of performance that could actually address the country's ills, but rather someone who would just fill them with "hope". Ultimately this culminated with the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarding President Obama the Nobel Peace prize after only one year in office and based on his "potential" for creating world peace.
 <>Unfortunately a consequence of our broken nature is to look for others to take care of our problems and “save” us from ourselves and others, and when we do this we very often find ourselves in a worse place than where we started (i.e. from ill-advised friendships and bad marriages to poor leaders and false prophets). You pointed this out quite succinctly in your 5/15/2008 posting referencing the document "We Must Avoid Falling Prey of the Very Human Tendency of Seeking a Man or a Idol to Adore".
The reaction to Cardinal Bergoglio's election as pope has been similar to that which Mr. Obama received in 2008. Under his picture it read: "In Him Alone Is Our Hope"
In him alone is our hope!?!? As I shared with you on 5/8/13 I was shocked that those publishing the book would place worshiping the church and it's appointed representatives over our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

There was a 10/30/11 MGR posting that compared the Council of Trent's interpretation of who priests and bishops are compared with what is represented in scripture. Your comments at the end of that posting were right on target when you said:
"The above should help the Elect to better understand why we hold the position we do regarding the Catholic faith and its immense value, while considering every Roman Catholic Administrator, priest and religious "guilty" until proven "innocent""
What you shared through the prompting of the Holy Spirit is the truth and critical to help us find our way through these times. I think we need to ask ourselves a couple of questions before we place God on the sidelines to follow a new and charismatic leader who promises to take us in the "right" direction. First what is the fruit that has been brought forth by this person? Just as Christ said that He would return to earth as He went into heaven (Acts 1:11), He also said to beware of false prophets and that by their fruits you shall know them (Matthew 7:15-20).
This won't always be easy to discern because of the conscience and unconscious "branding" and "packaging" of public figures. As Lord Acton said in writing about the Catholic Church in 1887; "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.". Power, prestige and wealth are powerful narcotics that draw us to become like unto God. Religious and political leaders may start out with good intentions, but it is difficult for them not to lose sight of God because of the lure of the world's temptations. The Holy Spirit will be our only reliable guide when it comes to seeking the fruit of the individuals we wish to vest with our trust.

The second and third questions we need to ask ourselves is what is lacking in us that we need filled, healed, illuminated and redeemed, and why are we looking to a human being, a frail and broken human being like myself, rather than to God to do this? These are difficult questions and ones that require faith and trust to be able to see the truth inside of us and then not turn away in fear and trembling.

Again what you've shared concerning God being our only refuge and source of grace is 100% true. May God open all of our eyes and ears to seek him more fully and truthfully.


A. The parallel you draw is indeed striking and on target.

Thank you for sharing your views with all since, with your approval, we were able to post it on this page unedited and in its entirety.

Published on October 31st, 2013

From miguel de Portugal

One of the Gospel readings from last week was Luke 12:54-59. In this reading Jesus squarely deals with what we keep striving to attain, through prayer and exhortation at every opportunity: The minimization of the suffering of the Elect by avoidance being in the state of denial. (1)

The reading:

54 He said to the crowd: "When you see a cloud rising in the west, immediately you say, 'It's going to rain,' and it does. 55 And when the south wind blows, you say, 'It's going to be hot,’ and it is. 56 Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don't know how to interpret this present time?

57 "Why don't you judge for yourselves what is right? 58 As you are going with your adversary to the magistrate, try hard to be reconciled on the way, or your adversary may drag you off to the judge, and the judge turn you over to the officer, and the officer throw you into prison. 59 I tell you, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny."

Verses 58 and 59 summarize what we continue to exhort one and all to do:

We are now at the End of These Times; get close to God and settle you accounts with Him because, if you do not do it now, even if you are one of the Elect - i.e., Heaven is assured - when you least expect it, you will be catapulted across the veil and  you will spend a very long time in Purgatory and will be there until  "you have paid the last penny" - even if takes until the end of the world, as Lucia's friend is finding out.

Of course such advise is valid for all times but, usually, one has some inkling about the approach of one's death and the rush to settle accounts with God "is on" but, at the climax of the Chastisement it will be, for most, like one of those unexpected mortal accidents: You are here now and gone a moment later.

One is not to be worrying about when it will be; that will serve no purpose other than destroy your peace. All we have to do is draw closer to God and become more and more in tune with Him.
(1) The State of Denial

Religious days of Note for November 2013

1st      All Saints Day and First Friday of the Month

2nd     All Souls Day and  First Saturday of the Month  and   [Our Lady of All Graces (1st Saturday after All Saints Day)]

   Al-Hijra/Muharram is the Muslim New Year 1432 (The beginning of the first lunar month.)

8th     [Feast of Mary, Our Shelter]

9th     Dedication of Basilica of St. John of Lateran

14th   Ashura (recalls an event circa 680-OCT-20 CE in Iraq when an army of the Umayyad regime martyred a group of 70 individuals who refused to submit to the Caliph. One of the martyrs was Imam Husain, the youngest grandson of Prophet Muhammad.)

15th   [Mary, Mother of Divine Providence] (Saturday before 3rd Sunday in November)

18th   Consecration of the two Basilicas honoring St. Peter and St. Paul

21st   Mary's Presentation

24th   Christ the King

27th   [Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Paris)]

28th  Thanksgiving Day in the US and First Day of Chanukah at sundown- (Beginning of Festival of Lights)

30th   St. Andrew - Apostle

In case someone that may you know someone who needs this information....

Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a type of abuse in which someone close to you is hurting you.

If you have a partner or spouse who abuses you emotionally, physically, and/or sexually, get help.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

For information about local shelters and other resources, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

Find more information about getting out of an abusive relationship, including safety planning and getting a court order of protection (restraining order).

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