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Published on September 2nd, 2014

From miguel de Portugal

As the result of the significant back up in the fulfillment of pressing responsibilities, which continue to accumulate faster than we can act upon them, this page will not be published on a regular basis for the next two weeks if not longer. The actual time depends on how fast we can process what has accumulated.

God Willing, the Divine Encouragement page will continue to be published as usual.

All correspondence will eventually be responded to, if its contents require that we do.

Religious Days of Note


3rd      Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd

5th      First Friday of the Month

6th       First Saturday of the Month

8th      The Birthday of Our Lady

12th    The Holy Name of Mary

14th    The Triumph of the Cross (A date of even greater eschatological importance.) 

15th   Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

21st    St. Matthew - Evangelist

23rd   Conception of John the Baptist (Celebrated by the Orthodox Church)

24th   Our Lady of Ransom

25th   Beginning of Rosh HaShanh at sundown

27th   Mary, Protector of Orphans

29th   Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

Did you know that.... the funds in your bank account may not be guaranteed if your bank computer system is hacked? (1)

Technically, all bank accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, but according to the FDIC, that only covers bank failure.

In an e-mail to Yahoo Finance, the FDIC says, "Our deposit insurance protection does not apply in the case of theft of fraud. Generally speaking, banks have insurance to protect against theft, either physical or cyber."

(1) Source

Published on September 6th, 2014 [First Saturday of the Month]

From the Team

Last week, northern California experienced a significant earthquake....

 Be prepared for this kind of emergency ahead of time, using these resources.

miguel de Portugal comments: Many of their ideas and suggestions are applicable not only to California but worldwide!

From miguel de Portugal

As you may recall, we have mentioned Steven Frayne, a.k.a. Dynamo - Magician Impossible in the past and how could he he easily be used to mimic the False Second Coming of Christ.

Recently we have observed a number of issues regarding his career which seem odd enough to share with you.

He completed his two TV Seasons, they were all aired, were very successful and reran many times. They were also sold through Amazon, etc. together with the book about his life and new found worldwide fame.

With much fanfare by the TV studios he completed the Third Season. The debut of the Third Season was trumpeted by the Discovery channel unceasingly.... then, they finally started airing it.... then, abruptly and without explanation, stopped at the fourth episode. They started the reruns of those first four episodes but withdrew the heavy advertising. Actually, withdrew all Dynamo promotion and brought in three other new magic-related shows.

In the meantime - at the blare of another set of  trumpets - it is announced that Dynamo is working of the Fourth Season.... while still not showing (at least in European Discovery channel) beyond the fourth episode of the Third Season.

Hardly the trumpets announcing his working on the Fourth Season had fallen silent when, in a very lengthy interview, Steven Frayne announces that he is retiring from TV after the filming of the Fourth Season is finished and will dedicate himself to live audiences.

Considering the draw that he has through TV on individuals from all walks of life and ages, having performed in some mega world wide shows with  audiences of over on billion viewers, none of the above makes sense.... unless of course, there are other plans.

Published on September 9th, 2014

From miguel de Portugal

1. We continue to observe - without surprise - that the media nor the proverbial talking heads and variety of "world experts" dare to pose the question. How come the ISIS brutal machinery is so well prepared, swift acting, trained and funded when even the Arab League is encouraging its own members to fight them - Syria and Iran included? A group that is so vicious that even Al Qaeda denounces.

Of course we know that it is satan who is behind it but, through whom is he manifesting himself?


Through the same group who have been instrumental for years in taking  Step 1: The whole world, country by country is brought into great turmoil. Propitiated by political, financial, ethnic or religious confrontations or whatever is the best means in each country to achieve the desired purpose: Generalized chaos.

In Summary: "Bring the world up to its boiling point".

To then implement... Step 2: A nuclear conflagration will be started through one of the many dangerously unstable nations throughout the world. The nation to be used as the "trigger" will be changed many times before the non stoppable chain reaction commences.

With the purpose of...  Step 3: This will lead to complete global chaos - wars, revolutions, financial collapses, religious upheavals and persecutions with the intent of an eventual manifestation of the False Christ who most of humanity - out of desperation - will receive as the true savior....

Now, they are "going for broke" (*) - the time is up!

If you still doubt it, read today's Private News Commentary post.
(*) "Go for broke" is a phrase from Hawaiian Pidgin meaning "to wager everything". It was the motto of a World War II Japanese-American military unit, the 442nd Infantry Regiment.

We have updated all Fatima documents which address the third part of the Secret. The update reflect the fact that what reached the Vatican originally, and was announced in Fatima on May 13th, 2000, was only the imagery which accompanied Mary's explanation of what it meant.

In essence, the real third part of the Secret, which is composed of the imagery and Mary's explanation of it, Lucia took to the grave with her.

Should you find a document which we missed to update, please, do let us know.

3. As the result of the gracious and all encompassing assistance that Ricardo is providing to us on location, we are able to resume our regular posting/mailings while at the same time process backed up work.

Published on September 11th, 2014 [Anniversary of the September 11th Tragedy]

From miguel de Portugal

Many fine Christians fall for satan's ultimate weapon which he especially crafted for true Christians. We are bringing this up now because we know that some of our readers have fallen into this trap without being aware of it.

The snare is very clear to me because I also fell for that trap many years ago and God kindly pointed it out to me so that I could avoid it in the future. Therefore, as with everything else, whatever He gives me freely and generously, I must pass on likewise.

Think of this....

(A) If your are a true Christian that you will not stop or reduce your prayer life under any circumstances, what will satan do? (a) Prompt you to pray more and more until you get to the point that your prayers have lost effect (no connection between heart, mind and words which is a requirement to link up with God); (b) Depending on the individual, the prayer load may be so much that the individual gets fed up with it and stops praying or reduces it greatly; (c) Move  you to pray for the wrong intentions and conveniently cause you to forget to truly defer to the Will of God without fear of the outcome.

(B) If you are a true Christian full of charity who finds it difficult to say "No" or "Not now" to those who show up before you seeking your help, what will satan do? (a) Bring an unending string of people in need to you so that you and your resources are so tied up that what you were created to do for Him takes second or third place;  (b) Blind you from the ability to discern those who are in true need from those who are blatantly - and knowingly - taking advantage of your charitable streak .

The instrument that satan uses to manipulate you is "guilt". satan will fill you with guilt unless you "pray until you drop" or "give to all until you drop" while not having fulfilled what God Created you for. Of course, one will not go to hell for praying too much, even if it is poorly done or for being overly charitable to those who are exploiting your kindness. However, you have failed to:

Keep about your work. Let your aim be as steady as a star. Let the world brawl and bubble. You may be assaulted, wronged, insulted, slandered, wounded and rejected; you may be abused by foes, forsaken by friends and despised and rejected of men, but see to it, with steadfast determination, with unfaltering zeal, that you pursue the great purpose of your life and object of your being, until at last you can say: "I have finished the work which Thou gavest me to do".

How to handle such situations?

I. In the case of prayer, I now have a limit of about four hours of formal prayer for each 24 hour period and no more. (1)

II. In the case of charity - I keep my eyes fixed on God and take the cues from Him and act upon it even if satanic induced guilt is tearing me inside. One can hardly walk in Salamanca or Madrid - for example - without being continuously boarded by beggars. Not the ones who quietly stand or sit with their hand or tin can extended, but the ones who unceasingly whine even if you can hear them a block away - no joke! It is almost cheaper to ride a taxi cab that to "pay the toll" to all beggars on the streets.

The solution was to let God move me to whomever He willed that I give a coin, and to politely pass by the others after promising them that I would pray for them (which I did!). It was amazing.... there were times that I would cross the street just to seek some silent beggar to give him/her a coin or two. Those who were in "God's List" to receive, always caused me great joy when I extended a helping hand; the others (while I still fell for the trap) did not make me feel good. I actually felt bad.

In case you may wonder - Those in "God's List" to receive did not share a common denominator that one would say was pleasing to me, thus my "being moved" to assist them. Their color, nationality, gender, dress, etc. did not fit any pattern. The diversity was simply amazing but the joyful attraction to them was always the same.

III. In the case of my local neighbors being aware of what shoes God called miguel de Portugal to fill - they do not know. Some of them knowing has already happened before and I had to relocate from city and/or country because I could not focus on the global tasks for which He created me. My next door neighbor has no more right to my time than any of the many readers that we have in China or Brazil - for example.

In a nutshell, let us not forget that Jesus placed limits on the miracles He performed in one place because He had to finish the work which His Father gavest Him to do....

[41] And devils went out from many, crying out and saying: Thou art the Son of God. And rebuking them he suffered them not to speak, for they knew that he was Christ. [42] And when it was day, going out he went into a desert place, and the multitudes sought him, and came unto him: and they stayed him that he should not depart from them. [43] To whom he said: To other cities also I must preach the kingdom of God: for therefore am I sent.  [Luke 4]


[36] And Simon, and they that were with him, followed after him. [37] And when they had found him, they said to him: All seek for thee. [38] And he saith to them: Let us go into the neighbouring towns and cities, that I may preach there also; for to this purpose am I come. [Mark 1]

Are we going to try to be better than Jesus? Think about that!  Who would want us to act in such a manner?

Keep your eyes wide open so that satan does not make you co-dependent, through his snares,  to the avoidance of feelings of guilt.

(1) In the preparation period to fulfill what He had created me for - and about which I was not aware at the time - which covered from 1991 to 1994,  formal prayer time ranged from eight to twelve hours a day. However, in addition to fasting and suffering in whichever manner He intended I had to, prayer plus one or two communications per week via Fax and/or regular mail, was only what my days were filled with.

Published on September 13th, 2014 [Eve of the Triumph of the Cross]

From miguel de Portugal

The better we understand our humanity, the better we can be in sync with God.

Let us go back to the Holy Scriptures as see why most Christians do not take Jesus and His Teachings as seriously as they should.

First we have the scene at "The feeding of thousands" where we read:

And when the day was now far spent, his disciples came to him, saying: This is a desert place, and the hour is now past: Send them away, that going into the next villages and towns, they may buy themselves meat to eat. [Mark 6:35-36]

Then we have Jesus informing them of His final trip to Jerusalem:

From that time Jesus began to shew to his disciples, that he must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the ancients and scribes and chief priests, and be put to death, and the third day rise again. And Peter taking him, began to rebuke him, saying: Lord, be it far from thee, this shall not be unto thee. [Matthew 16: 21-22]

Although there are other examples of the point we wish to make, the above will more than suffice.

Most of these individuals were with Him from the beginning of His Public Ministry; they had witnessed the outright unbelievable cures, resurrections, expelling of demons, etc. that Jesus performed and they still think that they can tell Jesus what to do!

Even if the Resurrection and their full realization of Who He Was/Is was yet to take place - just on the merits of His display of power - how dare them to tell Jesus Christ what to do!

Now think of this.... All that most Christians have to go by are the Scriptures which have been filtered down (as opposed to handed down) to us through the last 2,000 years. Therefore, how easy it is for them to interpret the crystal clear teachings of Jesus Christ to suit their needs. We can "hear" them thinking: "Well, what He really meant was...." or "Those were other times; now things are different...",  or "He was never in my situation...", etc., etc.

Do you see how easy it is for a human to just "talk Christ" and not apply His (literally) life saving teachings?

Do you wonder..... why it is so easy for ISIL to recruit the young on a worldwide scale?

While the "experts" continue to pontificate on this matter they miss the real reason because the real God is, as always, left out of the equation.

Considering that....

(a) Young and well informed people in the world see that they have very little future (jobs, career, etc.), if any!
(b) They are quite aware that most world leaders continue to confirm that they are unable to "punch their way out of a paper bag" - even if they had instructions.
(c) The "God" marketed by most Jews and Christians alike has done precious little to reduce the misery in the world; misery that has actually increased, regardless of how many new i-Phones Apple may have come up with.

Someone comes along and....

Explains to them that, with their "real God" and applying His Law literally, the world's no-win situation can be reversed. Yes; they must be brutal but if the victim is not faithful to the "real God", it really does not matter; it is something like getting rid of pests in the sewer lines.

Presto! They have just gained one more jihadist rearing to go and save the world by ridding it of infidels!

In the meantime the True and Living God is removed further from the center stage of Western society leaving the stage wide open for satan to direct the ISIL's Symphony of Death and Destruction. Of course, satan is no fool. The closer the world gets to desperation the more they will need a savior and he is just standing by for such an opportunity!

Our question is: Exactly why is anyone surprised as to what is taking place?

Amazing! Simply amazing!

Published on September 16th, 2014

From miguel de Portugal

In yesterday's Private News Commentary mailing we wrote:

God clearly indicated to me that the main intention for the Mass offered in celebration of the Triumph of the Cross should be for the conversion of all ISIL members - in active duty and future. Through His Grace I no longer just believe those teachings, I  know them as well as how they actually work in the Spiritual domain.

Today he has moved us to explain how it actually works by giving our readers a concrete example of its application - an application which applies to a tiny fraction of our readership.

As we recently stated, there are some "plants" among our mailing groups who pretend to be friends/supporters but really are not. We will not go into their agenda since it really is immaterial to us, as you will see.

We pray for those individuals - who can be identified n Biblical terms as our enemies and persecutors - just as Jesus taught us to do. We pray for their conversion and that they eyes be opened and see their errors before it is too late for them.

Group A

These are members of the Elect but, although their Eyes and Ears are open, they just do not want to See and Hear all they need to. Being members of the Elect they will eventually make it to Heaven.

Group B

These are not members of the Elect, which means that they are heading to hell without recourse.

Since God is the One who knows who belong to Group A and Group B, He will apply our prayers on their behalf as follows.

Those in Group B will become powerless in harming us. In some cases, any evil directed to us, God, Who indeed Is Almighty, will transform it into something quite beneficial in our service to Him.

Let us not forget that God Is above all and even satan has to serve Him.

Those in Group A need to finally See and Hear all they need to and act upon it so that they will indeed end up in Heaven. Here is where God uses our sincere prayers on their behalf as the amplifier of His Megaphone. Yes, that Megaphone - pain - the one that God uses so that the deaf are able to hear Him.

And that, brethren, is why God insists that we should be Perfect as the Father is Perfect.

But I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you: That you may be the children of your Father who is in heaven, who maketh his sun to rise upon the good, and bad, and raineth upon the just and the unjust. ...
For if you love them that love you, what reward shall you have? do not even the publicans this? And if you salute your brethren only, what do you more? do not also the heathens this? Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect. [Matthew 5:44-45,48]

If we do that, He Will handle "the details".

Now you know....

and also...

From miguel de Portugal

As a matter of interest....... Considering our awareness of the reality we call "leakage from Eternity" (1) - that is, that we may get a glimpse of a past or future (to us) event which is in the "Data File of Eternity" where there is no past nor future - it has dawned on me that perhaps the information contained in the all too famous quatrains of Nostradamus are just that - leakage from Eternity.

We suspect that if those quatrains were approached and analyzed in that manner, most if not all of them would make far more sense than they make now, even among the experts in the Nostradamus phenomena.

As we said - it is just a thought and note that we used the term "perhaps" as a qualifier. If we had the time we would look into it, but it would be just like solving a historical puzzle since it really does not matter within the context the world is living through now.

One theme we frequently ponder about, however.

Why such interest in Nostradamus when Mary, the Mother of our True and Only Savior delivered a most comprehenisve prophecy in 1846 at La Salette, a prophecy which She reinforced in Fatima, Kibeho, Akita and Garabandal?

Prophecies which have been already partially fulfilled, confirming that the fulfillment of those yet to come is assured.

(1) Understanding Time and Eternity and their connection.

Published on September 18th, 2014

From miguel de Portugal

For centuries the following Scriptural readings have been used to justify making the poor, poorer and the rich, richer.

[26] And his lord answering, said to him: Wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I reap where I sow not, and gather where I have not strewed: [27] Thou oughtest therefore to have committed my money to the bankers, and at my coming I should have received my own with usury. [28] Take ye away therefore the talent from him, and give it to him that hath ten talents. [29] For to every one that hath shall be given, and he shall abound: but from him that hath not, that also which he seemeth to have shall be taken away. [30] And the unprofitable servant cast ye out into the exterior darkness. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. [Matthew 25] and similarly in [Luke 19:24-26]

Of course, no one even stopped to think that taking away from the poor and giving it to the rich IS NOT Jesus' way. Nonetheless, they reinforced their evil ways with His statement about the poor:

For the poor you have always with you: but me you have not always. [Matthew 26:11]

They conveniently ignored the real meaning of those words which are reinforced by three Gospels:

[24] And he said to them: Take heed what you hear. In what measure you shall mete, it shall be measured to you again, and more shall be given to you. [25] For he that hath, to him shall be given: and he that hath not, that also which he hath shall be taken away from him.  [Mark 4]

[11] Who answered and said to them: Because to you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven: but to them it is not given. [12] For he that hath, to him shall be given, and he shall abound: but he that hath not, from him shall be taken away that also which he hath.
[Matthew 13]

[18] Take heed therefore how you hear. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given: and whosoever hath not, that also which he thinketh he hath, shall be taken away from him. [Luke 8]

Jesus is referring to knowledge/graces bestowed by God. When one combines this message with the message related to money you will see then the whole message is:

If we utilize well the knowledge and Graces bestowed upon us by God, He will bestow more in the measure that we are able to hanlde/utilize such knowledge and Graces.

This is the kind of information that should have been flowing from the pulpits for the last 1600 years and did not.

and also....

From miguel de Portugal

You have often heard us addressing the fact that, even though hundreds of millions of pilgrims have visited  Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje over the years, the world continues to sink in amorality, perversion and dishonesty.

Amazingly enough another parable Jesus used explains why. Let us take a look.

[14] He that soweth, soweth the word. [15] And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown, and as soon as they have heard, immediately Satan cometh and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.

[16] And these likewise are they that are sown on the stony ground: who when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with joy. [17] And they have no root in themselves, but are only for a time: and then when tribulation and persecution ariseth for the word they are presently scandalized.

[18] And others there are who are sown among thorns: these are they that hear the word, [19] And the cares of the world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts after other things entering in choke the word, and it is made fruitless.

[20] And these are they who are sown upon the good ground, who hear the word, and receive it, and yield fruit, the one thirty, another sixty, and another a hundred.
[Mark 4]

Only the ones whose soul constitutes "good ground" will yield much fruit upon visiting a legitimate Marian Sanctuary and taking to heart Her Words. The rest, as we have said in the past, were on a religious vacation which would probably produce as much (and quality of the) fruit as a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. At least those who go to Las Vegas and Atlantic City do not pretend why they are there for.

Being quite familiar with the Marian Sanctuaries "scene" and having spent much time in them - take my word for it: That is just the way it is - I saw far more religious tourism than faith based pilgrimages as far away as the sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa, at Jasna Gora, Poland

From (Mrs.) J. C-K @ US

I will pray for the conversion of each ISIL member, as I pray for the conversion of all sinners, starting with myself and my family.


A. Thank you for the only acknowledgment that we received to our plea to do so through our Private News Commentary of September 15th. I pray that the lack of e-acknowledgment does not mean lack of the prayer solicited. That IS the only hope that the world has to block ISIL activities.

Published on September 20th, 2014

From miguel de Portugal

Do and Observe Whatsoever They Tell You, But Do Not Follow Their Example.

For They Preach But They Do Not Practice. [Matthew 23:3]

How does that teaching apply today?

To those who will recieve this post as a forward....

Should you get the idea, as you start reading the linked-to document, that we are part of what is known as the "liberal movement" within Catholicism , know that such is not the case.

We suggest that you review our positions regarding the
Pristine Catholic Faith (we said "Faith" and not "Church"),  Roman Catholic Church Administration, Only Possible Changes Within the Roman Catholic Church Allowed by God and Our Function.

Published on September 23rd, 2014 [Conception of John the Baptist]

From miguel de Portugal

There are some true gems of wisdom that may be found in the conversation between Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima and the three little shepherds back in 1917. Since they deal with realities that most of the Faithful do not wish to face, they are smoothed over while all run to try to figure out the third part of the Secret of Fatima.

Since our function is not to gain a popularity contest on Earth but prepare all for what is already here, with its climax approaching rapidly, we thought it prudent to highlight those gems while the awareness of them can still be of use. After crossing the veil, such knowledge will no longer be of use.

Quoting from Lucia's Fourth Memoir, the appropriate pages of which you may view (1) should you want to confirm what we write:
[our highlights]

"Don't be afraid," She said. "I will do you no harm." the Lady said.

Lucia asked: "Where are You from?"

"I am from Heaven," the Lady replied.

"What do you want of me?" Lucia asked.

"I have come to ask you to come here for six months in succession, on the 13th day at this same hour.
Later on, I will tell you who I am and what I want. Afterwards, I will return here yet a seventh time," the Lady replied.

"Shall I go to Heaven too?" Lucia asked

"Yes, you will," the Lady replied.

"And Jacinta?" Lucia asked

"She will go also" the Lady replied.

"And Francisco?" Lucia asked

"He will go there too, but he must say many Rosaries" the Lady replied.

Then Lucia asked about two girls who had died, who used to come to her house to learn weaving from her
eldest sister.

"Is Maria das Neves in Heaven?"

"Yes, she is." the Lady replied (Lucia thought that she was about 16 years old.)

"And Amelia?"

"She will be in purgatory until the end of the world." the Lady replied (It seemed to Lucia  that she was between 18 and 20 years of age.)

If today, at the turn of the century, country people in Portugal - especially young people in small villages - are quite innocent,  one can imagine how much more innocent they were nearly 100 years ago without TV, movies, video games and pornography every where one looks.

Still, Francisco would have to pray many Rosaries before going to Heaven and a young girl landed in Purgatory until the end of the world.

We, and all of those you may reach out to with this information, need to ponder about the above exchange very carefully and make the appropriate adjustments in our lives so that we are not unpleasantly surprised as the veil is crossed.

(1) Fourth Memoir pp 166-167

While on the subject of Fatima.....

You may remember our comments about the Canadian priest Rev. Gruner:

The M+G+R Foundation is in no way connected to, and does not endorse, the ministries associated with the Rev. Nicholas Gruner, the Canadian priest who founded The International Fátima Rosary Crusade, publishers of The Fatima Crusader. Gruner's self-appointed mission has been to hound the Vatican to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as requested through the Fátima events. According to Gruner, this action would prevent the nuclear holocaust that will otherwise take place.  However, the time frame for such consecration lapsed many decades ago. Gruner’s efforts have been and remain futile; the Third World War will come.

We have just come across him again and he continues his crusade via a form letter provided to his readers which was sent to "Pope" Benedict XVI and is now being sent to "Pope" Francis. The first item that should jump out to those who have been with us for some time is that Rev. Gruner thinks that Ratzinger and Bergoglio are real Popes and that, if they would do the consecration - a consecration whose deadline as a preventive measure is long gone -  it would be valid.

As we have said before - Gruner capital mistake was not to realize that there was a deadline for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that it would prevent what already happened in the 20th century and will be concluded in the 21st century. He built his multi million dollar ministry (quite profitable, we must say) on that premise and he will never admit his error even if Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia appeared to him in a vision and told him.

Unfortunately - Mammon contiues to rule most everywhere.

Gruner's petition (1) reads as follows:

Please Join Us! Petition the Holy Father

Please give us your signature, to be published at a later date, along with many more people. Join us in encouraging the Holy Father, by petitioning for this Consecration of Russia. Jesus told Sister Lucy: "Pray a great deal for the Holy Father. He will do it (the Consecration of Russia) but it will be late."

Pray, especially the Rosary, that he will act, and quickly before World War III starts. Join the millions of others that have signed petitions to the Pope, for the consecration of Russia, by filling out the Declaration below:

" I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I have read the Open Letter to the Pope first (2) officially published by The Fatima Center on May 1, 2014 Feast of Saint Joseph and want my signature as seen below, added to said letter, and if possible published with it.

We wonder, how many poor people will end up in Purgatory accompanying Amelia until the end of the world because this gentleman refuses to admit his error.

(1) Source of Petition Request
(2) Source of Letter

In closing..... Considering that into the top of the English stone of the Georgia Guidestones there was a notch carved, which was there from at least 2009, and that in September 2014 this notch was filled with a small stone which reads "20" and "14" on both visible sides we thought that we should bring this interesting and mysterious assembly to the attention of our readers.

It's unclear who placed this nor what it means or why God reminded us to look at this today.

Published on September 25th, 2014

You are invited to....

Review the improved Rosa Mystica document. It is easier to read and to discern the crystal clear and timely messages Mary delivered as well as its confirmed - by the Fatima Bishop - connection with Fatima.

It is a shame that, as with all valuable Marian apparitions with key messages, it was swept under the rug in the hopes that the Faithful never come across it and realized that humanity has been amply warned before calamity started raining upon it.

Have you heard..... the enticing, and almost irristible-on-the-surface "logic" behind the justification for the atrocities committed by ISIL? (1)

As far as a young mother is concerned, the Islamic State is the ideal place to raise a family.

Asiya Ummi Abdullah doesn't share the view that the Islamic State group rules over a terrorist dystopia and she isn't scared by the American bombs falling on Raqqa, its power center in Syria.

In interviews with The Associated Press, the 24-year-old Muslim convert explained her decision to move with her toddler to the territory controlled by the militant group, saying it offers them protection from the sex, crime, drugs and alcohol that she sees as rampant in largely secular Turkey.

"The children of that country see all this and become either murderers or delinquents or homosexuals or thieves," Umi Abdullah wrote in one of several Facebook messages exchanged in recent days. She said that living under Shariah, the Islamic legal code, means that her 3-year-old boy's spiritual life is secure.

"He will know God and live under his rules," she said. As for the American bombs being dropped on the Islamic State group, she said: "I only fear God."

Ummi Abdullah's experience - the outlines of which were confirmed by her ex-husband, Turkish authorities, and friends - illustrates the pull of the Islamic State group, the self-styled caliphate straddling Iraq and Syria that has sent shockwaves around the world with its bloodthirsty campaign. It also shows how, even in Turkey - one of the most modern and prosperous of the Muslim countries - entire families are dropping everything to find salvation in what Turkish academic Ahmet Kasim Han describes as a "false heaven."

miguel de Portugal comments: The fact that to achieve such "holy" state every fundamental law of God is violated does not seem to faze the believers in the Islamic State.

We are facing another version of "The End justifies the Means" which has been the "theo-logic" used many Christians - with the Roman Catholic Church Administration at the lead - to "save" people - and which, in our opinion, reinforced by reams and reams of reliable testimonies, is the corner stone of all Opus Dei activities.

Understanding the enemy is the key to its defeat and, as all of our readers should see by now, only prayer can win this battle for it was, is, and will be (as long as God allows it) satan who stands behind it pulling the strings.
(1) Source of Report

From (Mr.) WMP @ US
[excerpts from letter]

It is simply amazing how willing people are to remain asleep with all that is going on around us.

One of my dearest good Catholic friend since High School, listens to me exhorting him to prepare and store water and food (and does nothing about it)

Perhaps God has another plan for him and his family and I should just leave him alone. How far should I go to try and sound the alarm?

I get dismayed when people know that I am preparing for the problems ahead and the words I often hear are: "I know where I am going to go when there is trouble".

Why can't they see that maybe they will not be able to get to me so that I can feed them?


A. As we have said many, many times, we can take the proverbial horse to the water but we cannot make him drink.

How far should you go? Once you have stated your case, only casually bring it up when some obviously related news appears in the headlines, and no more.

Why do you think that we continue to publish the Private News Commentary page? Because there are many, many of our readers who, in spite of having been with us for years, hope that "it will all go away" and we will live happily ever after.

That is also why we have said repeatedly that, percentage wise, the greatest percentage lost will be from among the Roman Catholic faithful. Other Christians groups will suffer great loses but he Roman Catholics will lead the list. Most keep dreaming of the "Holy Pope" and "Holy King" who will come to save the world while ignoring the critical instructions from the Mother of the only Savior of humanity.

As we also keep repeating - People should not count on an act of Mercy which may just not manifest itself unless the conditions are just as Heaven has specified. Do not forget what God allowed upon humanity - Hitler and Lenin-Stalin - because His very simple requests were ignored by the Administrators who claim to embody God on Earth.

We - you and all who can recognize reality - should spend our resources wisely so that we can reach those whom God wills that we reach without getting bogged down with those who live - and will probably die - in a state of denial.

Anonymous Evaluation: We would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know if what you read on this page today was:

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Published on September 27th, 2014 [Mary, Protector of Orphans]

From (Mrs.) PD @ US

ISIS/ISIL is trying to get control of the land promised to the Arabs if they assisted, by siding with British forces, against the Ottoman Empire.

Sykes -Pecot negated the promised made to the Arabs.

Sykes-Picot Agreement From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Consequences of the agreement. (1)

The agreement is seen by many as a turning point in Western-Arab relations. It negated the promises made to Arabs through Colonel T. E. Lawrence for a national Arab homeland in the area of Greater Syria, in exchange for their siding with British forces against the Ottoman Empire.

The agreement's principal terms were reaffirmed by the inter-Allied San Remo Conference of 19–26 April 1920 and the ratification of the resulting League of Nations mandates by the Council of the League of Nations on 24 July 1922.

The Islamic State (ISIS) claims one of the goals of its insurgency is to reverse the effects of the Sykes–Picot Agreement. "This is not the first border we will break, we will break other borders," a jihadist from the ISIS warned in the video called End of Sykes-Picot. Islamic State's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a July 2014 speech at the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul vowed that "this blessed advance will not stop until we hit the last nail in the coffin of the Sykes-Picot conspiracy".

The Franco-German geographer Christophe Neff wrote that the geopolitical architecture founded by the Sykes–Picot Agreement has disappeared in July 2014 and with it the relative protection of religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East. He claims furthermore that Islamic State has in some way restructured the geopolitical structure of the Middle East in summer 2014, particularly in Syria and Iraq. The former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has presented a similar geopolitical analysis in an editiorial contribution for the French newspaper Le Monde.


Although it does not justify the atrocities committed by ISIS/ISIL, it does shed light on the background of the deep seated hate for the West by certain Arab factions; most specially by those that do not benefit from selling its oil to the West.

This is another example as to why the saying "man does not learn from history" is mostly untrue; a saying which I confess espousing many years ago. How can man learn from history if the official version of history - political, religious and archeological - is mostly fiction?

Just look a the true History of Creation and the lies the Evolutionists and Creationists promote just to gain followers and sell their "wares".

Thank you, PD, for bringing this to our attention.

(1) Source

and again

From (Mrs.) PD @ US

The other day when I was sending out information on Fatima I realized that....
Mary appeared over  "a small holm oak tree" on May 13, 1917, and thereafter, in Fatima.

Russia named their latest tactical strategic nuclear missiles "Oak". Those are the ones which have been deployed in Cuba since 2012. (1)

It certainly brings to mind Mary's warning through Fatima about Russia spreading its errors and the annihilation of nations and what you wrote back in 2006 regarding a nuclear attack on the U.S. originating from Cuba.


A. As we have said many times, and proven through the World Wars I and II dates "coincidences", God will use any channel available to call to the attention of His children what they should be aware of.

Again, thank you for sharing this "coincidence" with our readers.
(1) See Post

Published on September 30th, 2014

From miguel de Portugal

UFO's and EXTRA TERRESTRIALS... We address this issue..... Again!

Through the Grace of God we are indeed making progress and the fundamental truths is being acknowledged.

Did you know that.... through the generosity of the alumni and students of Mohyla School of Journalism and of the Digital Future of Journalism (in Ukraine) we have been given a step by step practical course on how to identify a fake in the news - specially when photographs and video clips are used.

Although the examples used are drawn from the current Ukrainian crisis - what they teach is applicable worldwide.

We recommend that you take a "study break" and review their techniques.

  It will come in handy - more and more as the days go by.

We wish to thank our collaborator in Ukraine, Mr. Z.M., for calling this to our attention.

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