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Published on March 29th, 2014 

From miguel de Portugal

God does not stop  reminding me to remind the world where we are at in the End of These Times.

Below you will see two photographs. On the right you will see what I, for a week, faced first thing in the morning as I drove out for the daily routine errands in Portugal. Notice the STOP sign on the right and the truck in the background.

On the left you will see details of the sign of the truck.


 The name is striking "Christian Salvesen" and, considering that all the day long I am switching from English to Portuguese to Spanish (in thought, spoken words and what I read) the mental message was (in English):

Stop! Christian, save yourselves!

Of course, when the "dust settled" we found out why there is an apparent English religious qualifier (Christian) before an apparent Heavenly command in Spanish (Salvesen) as the background of a sign that should say PARE or ALTO and not STOP.

Christian Salvesen is the name of a major Nordic transport company. "Christian" is a first male name frequently used in Europe and "Salvesen" would be a misspelling of the Spanish word "Salvense" which means "save yourselves".

As we have said before - if I tried to make up these Heavenly reminders I could not even come close to how they are manifested to the seeing eye.

and again....

From miguel de Portugal

Several days ago, as we were looking for the movie The Net to view it again 18 years later I came across another Sandra Bullock movie about which we have never heard. The movie is Premonition (1) which was released in 2007. I was moved to get it too since they were at give away prices and Sandra Bullock is an excellent actress. Days later - during my God imposed time off - I was finally going to view The Net again, yet, once again, I was moved to view Premonition.

Referring to a mailing sent to you with the Subject of "A special kind of sharing" and dated February 18, 2014, where we spoke of inter universe travel on a personal basis....

What God has provided is a full length movie so that we can better explain in detail what we spoke about in said mailing. Neither writer nor director really knew what they were doing. We actually viewed all extras associated with the DVD in question - which included interviews with writer, director, producer  and Sandra Bullock to see if anyone of them had had at least a minor experience on inter universe travel, None!

What they did was to take the well known and established phenomenon of premonitions and tried to explain how it happens. What they ended up explaining - without realizing it at all - was the reality of parallel universes and individual travel among them.

For your information - premonitions are mostly the result of a "leak" between Eternity and Time although I am sure that a few cases of inter universe travel may have led to a premonition. As part of the extras in the  DVD they had interviewed a number of notable (although I have never heard of them) and experienced "premonitioners" where they spoke of their experiences. In all cases what they experienced was
a "leak" between Eternity and Time. We did not see a single example cited that was related to inter universe travel.

The movie was so correct (in the mystical theology realm) that the end showed why we should not try to change through physical acts what "must happen" because God will see to it that it happens, no matter what! All that we do is get in His way!

Of course, neither the writer nor director realized that they had done that too.

Amazing! Simply amazing!

(1) Premonition


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